Brandz Online

Brandz Online simplifies the way retailers & wholesalers source products

Brandz Online is a great example of custom iPhone/iPad application development we’ve done.

Customise Your Content

Whether you want a Business to Business app, a Business to Consumer app, or even a game, we can build it for you. The Brandz Online application shows just how flexibly we can display your content. Leveraging off our experience with ecommerce applications, we were able to build an intuitive and feature rich application for the client, that has gone on to receive impressively positive reviews from the end users. Using a powerful and easy-to-use content management system, this app is a breeze for the client to maintain and update into the future.

Get the Look You're After

One of the major aspects of a mobile application is the user interface. Our aim is to help you find the most appropriate, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing user-interface. For the Brandz Online application, our client already had a firm idea of what the app looked like, and through a consultative process we helped bring the application to life, all the while keeping in mind the end users requirements, and keeping it simple and straightforward to use.