Welcome to the Inzant Referral and Re-seller Programs!

Since the very start of Inzant we have had a huge amount of referral customers. People who love our system pass on the good word to friends in the industry which warms our hearts. As a way to thank our amazing customers who bring us these great referrals we have developed a referral and re-seller program which will give your company Inzant rewards for each customer we sign on from a referral or when joining the re-seller program we offer a reward for each sale you make on behalf of Inzant.

The Referral Program

Our referral program is segmented into 3 parts, for the Inzant sales system, Branded web portals and the Inzant shopping cart website. The rewards for each referral will be given once the new customer has signed on and paid their first invoice. The rewards are as follows:

  • When you refer a business for the Inzant sales system you will be given their total amount of users off your bill for two months.
  • When you refer a business for the branded portal you will be credited $200 off your subscription next invoice 
  • When you refer buisness for a full Inzant websites customer to us you will be credited $500 off your next subscription invoice

The Re-seller Program

The Inzant Re-seller program is offered to business consultants, web developers, software re-sellers, and graphic designers who would love the Inzant system and love to share it with more like minded businesses.

If you are interested in becoming an Inzant Re-seller contact our sales team today. We will send you an information pack and book in a training session for you to learn all about our Re-seller program and our wide range of products.

Join our Re-seller or Referral program today!

For more information about either of these programs please contact us! 



The Inzant Sales System has transformed our marketing and selling programme, simplifying it to such an extent that it is a pleasure for our Sales Staff to show and sell our products to much greater advantage than in the past. Most importantly, the Customers find it a pleasure to view and order from the system. Even the office staff enjoy receiving and processing the orders. Adopting the Inzant Sales System for our business has been a win-win situation for everyone concerned. We commend the system to you. Gail Mooney, Director, Syben Marketing Pty Ltd

Inzant have been very easy to work with from the outset and remain very ‘customer focused’ even 12 months into the relationship. I have found their flexibility in working hard to provide customisations or small improvements to the system, highly valuable. Many of these customisations and nuancing of the product were in fact developed before we were even signed up as a customer – which gave me great confidence to invest, knowing that they were continually investing in their product.Chris Peterson, National Sales & Marketing Manager, VGM International Pty Ltd

The implementation of Inzant sales was super fast. It took one week to get admin staff to customise, configure and rollout the application. Most salespeople were processing sales within a few hours. The training provided by Inzant sales staff was excellent and all issues were rectified almost immediately. Inzant sales has already made us more productive by reducing paper shuffling and providing instantaneous information from the field. Michael Griffiths, Managing Director, Lightning Brokers Pty Ltd

Phytologic have been using Inzantsales for just over four years. Inzantsales are a breeze to work with, by working closely with our company they have tailored the sales platform to suit our specific requirements. Through Inzantsales we now have a complete sales platform utilised by our sales team nationally along with a retailer specific website allowing retailers to place orders directly into our system. Our sales teams ease of use with the software has been incredibly good with Inzantsales support always at the ready to assist with any issues that may arise. I looked at length into other sales programmes available however decided to run with Inzantsales, one contributing factor to this was only having to deal with one company; not one company to sell me the programme, another company for the installation and another company for ongoing maintenance and accounts. Inzantsales offers a one stop solution. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Inzantsales. Steve Murray, National Sales Manager, Phytologic