Inzant Scan

Inzant Scan turns any iOS device you have (iPhone, iPad or iPod) into a customer information capturing tool at a trade show!

Inzant Scan is a simple app that combines the easy to use iOS platform (iPad, iPhone or iPod) with the versatility of 2D Barcode Scanning. What this means is with just an apple device and a compatible Barcode Scanner you can capture all of your potential clients details at a busy trade show stand straight from their show tag, add notes against the lead, and then email the details in an easy to manipulate and import CSV File.


Dont Lose Your Leads

One of the huge benefits of this system is it allows you to record all your leads in a quick and unobtrusive manner with your custom notes included, allowing you to keep focusing on sales & relationship building, and ensuring you have all the necessary information to follow up and convert the lead at a later date. Once the leads are gathered in your system, you can email them as a CSV attachment, and you have the added option of keeping the leads, or deleting them from the App.

Barcode Scanner Integration

Inzant Scan integrates seamlessly with both the Koamtak KDC300i Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, as well as the Socket Mobile 7Ci Barcode Scanner, which are required for use with the application. Using the Barcode Scanners, you scan the customer show tags and record all the information into the app. In the settings you can even configure the order in which the information is stored.