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Today, businesses using digital systems, processes and analysis are leading the way in their prospective fields. Those still caught up in double data entry, manual methods and outdated ways of processing orders/information are falling behind. For these businesses, the idea of transferring everything into the digital space and re-learning work practices seems daunting. However, the right company will make sure this is a seamless and easy process.

"The reality is, by automating the most simple and predictable tasks that you or your team spend time on, you can actually create more valuable, personal connections between your brand and your clients than if you performed all follow-up manually and individually" (Ontraport, 2017).   

By combining and implementing the automation of field sales, merchandising, online ordering and tradeshow sales with intuitive & smart order methods, Inzant will help your business grow financially, run more efficiently, and save time and money.

If you're still umming and ahhing, the following top 10 reasons to partner with Inzant will change your mind:

Mobile CRM is the key to sales success

"A CRM system helps you to gather all of the data you have on your customers and centralises it in one place. Once captured, that data can be manipulated, used for analysis and forecasting and ultimately improve the customer experience. Not only will you be able to keep your customers happy and loyal, but they will be also very likely to recommend your brand to family and friends, which according to research by Nielsen is a very powerful influencer within the buying process" (SuperOffice, 2018).

Large booklets and catalogues are no longer viable when mobile CRM systems exist. With mobile CRM systems such as the Inzant Sales Plus Mobile Ordering App, you are capable of accessing anything and everything at any time (as well as offline), reducing B2B selling time and miscommunications between parties.

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Going paper-free is environmentally friendly

"One US study from Resources Information Systems Inc. estimates that companies spend about $8 billion per year managing paper. Imagine the savings if those paper-born costs were replaced with cloud-based digital solutions? Indeed, Capgemini Consulting has found that, on average, digital leaders are 50% more profitable, generate 13% greater revenue and have 19% higher market valuation than their industry peers. In other words, digitisation pays" (DocuSign, 2018).

At the end of the day, sales reps are only human. When they finish a big day in the sales field, manual data entry and excel sheets are the last thing on their minds. By replacing this with a digital, instantaneous solution, duplicate data is eliminated and the environmental impact is a lot less severe. Additionally, your business will also save a lot of money!

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Integration is simple/seamless

"Maintaining a solid B2B integration strategy is critical for companies that want to efficiently exchange and communicate data with their partners, suppliers and customers...B2B integration typically implies taking information out of your business applications and transfer[ring] it to the applications of your business partners (customers, suppliers, banks, logistics providers) and vice versa. The purpose of such interchange is to automate and optimise key business processes that extend outside of the company" (API2Cart, 2016).

Integration increases efficiency, the rate of task completion, and promotes visibility and communication between people and systems. Most sales systems (such as Inzant) offer a wide range of accounts to integrate with. There really is no excuse to stick with old, outdated ways of doing business, when such easily available options are on offer for all to access.

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One web platform is more than enough for both B2B and B2C clients

"There are a few ways for how a business can have a website that sells B2C and B2B. First, your business can have two separate websites—one for B2B and one for B2C. Or, you can have one website that has a designated login for B2B clients. B2B clients logged in to your website will have unique access to different price structures and/or larger quantities of products. Which option you need really just depends on what you want for your business" (Forbes, 2017).

This method of running a B2B and B2C online business simultaneously works well for both large corporations and smaller type start-ups. The one web page is aimed at multiple audiences, but utilises alternate business fronts and pricing models to suit the intended buyer. Financially it is a very advantageous way to operate, and it streamlines the management of sales, content and support services.

Read more about unified B2B/B2C web platforms here.

Business intelligence (BI) reporting provides you with a strong overview of your sales activity

"The overriding goal of a BI initiative is to convert your company’s information into structured, analysable insight – in other words, real business intelligence that can inform strategic decision-making across the company. Based on...customers' experiences, it’s clear that having up-to-date, data-driven intelligence at your fingertips not only leads to better business decisions but will ultimately contribute to a superior financial performance" (Maximiser, 2018).

When your management team is provided with important insights concerning the sales process, they are able to make justifiable and important business decisions (based on real data!). Inzant can provide your company with critical sales intelligence data that will help you shape your practices, future and revenue figures.

Read more about the critical nature of BI reporting here.

Access to easy-to-use selling features

"Plenty of products exist to help salespeople hone their craft. But what makes the best sales tools stand out? How do you go about comparing one with another? For a typical small business, the right sales tool has three important features: it integrates easily with other products; it saves time and effort; and it helps your sales team follow up" (Infusionsoft, 2018).

An Inzant sales system comes with various upsell features, many of which aim to influence customers to buy entire lines of products for stands and shelves. For example, Inzant’s Catalogue & Image Campaigns (on the iPad) markedly help sales reps secure fruitful transactions. They're also easy to navigate and user-friendly.  

Read more about Inzant's catalogue and image campaigns here.

Tradeshow processes are improved and optimised

"Trade shows represent a prime resource for generating qualified leads from attendees who are willing to justify registration and travel costs for a chance to interact with exhibitors. Yet, most attendees want to gather new information for a future decision after discussing research and notes with colleagues. Using a mobile app to effectively gather leads is therefore a must for exhibitors" (TSNN, 2015).

Inzant is no stranger to the tradeshow scene. After listening to the comments, complaints and concerns of business owners, the innovative company introduced the Inzant Tradeshow App- an intuitive, easy-to-use system created for order-taking and a seamless sales experience. This application has been specifically designed to maximise every opportunity and ensure the best possible outcome at one of the most pivotal business events of the year.

Read more about the benefits of Inzant's tradeshow app here.

A free system demo is provided

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Family owned and operated business

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Inzant is applicable to any business or industry

Whether you're in the food and beverage industry, pharmacy, sports, outdoors or gift and homewares, Inzant can help you.

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