5 E-commerce Trends to Watch in 2019


Every year, new features and innovations pop up and alter the E-commerce landscape. In 2019, the following trends will be key forces in the drive to innovate and improve online retailer platforms:

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

According to 4mation Technologies, AR and VR technologies will create a whole new way for customers to experience their desired purchases outside of the physical store location. With the ability to move objects, place them in different settings and demo certain concepts and applications, customers will be able to fully explore and better understand products before making the final decision to buy. This is definitely a trend to look out for, and businesses should be monitoring the use of AR and VR in the retailer space.

Voice Search will become an SEO game changer

Voice Search is becoming more and more prominent in the online sphere. Some of the many reasons for this, according to Torque Mag (2018), include- increased speed, enhanced productivity, and wider access to groups of people who may have been missed before. Time is money, and this feature speeds up the entire process and generally produces very accurate and specific results. Businesses who are not already looking to incorporate voice search into their SEO practices will notice just how quickly this affects their rankings and visibility.


Many websites have already started incorporating this technology into their online platforms this year. The chatbot comes up with suggestions and conversation starters with customers, prompting users to interact and find exactly what they're looking for. PSDCenter (2018) says the artificial intelligence industry will be worth approximately $36.8 billion by 2025, and E-commerce will share a large part of the revenue. Companies are using chatbots for customer conversion and trends show a lot more will be adopting this strategy before 2019 is out.

Advanced Product Filtering

This sounds like a pretty basic concept, but the fact of the matter is many online businesses have not yet harnessed efficient and accurate search results through product filtering. This impedes the customer's buying process and possibly deters them from making purchases via the business's platform in the future. By adding specific filters, an E-commerce site improves its functionality, user experience and timeliness. This can be the difference between buyers finding what they need and looking elsewhere to competitors' websites.

Smartphone as a buying tool

It is no surprise that smartphones are dominating the online buying world. Firstly, making purchases from a phone has become a very simple process. Secondly, customers generally carry their phones on their person, meaning they can go shopping anytime, anywhere. According to Merehead (2018), almost one-third of all buyers use smartphones to place orders, with numbers looking to strongly increase over time. Therefore, businesses without mobile-friendly features will need to look at redeveloping their sites, and those with mobile apps need to make sure their platforms are optimised, easy-to-use and equipped with all the latest features.

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  • Mark Rhind 08.10.18

    Very interesting article, surprised how much impact an advanced product filtering would have on sales and the chatbox

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