5 Exciting E-commerce Trends for 2016

  1. Pop Ups Are actually making a comeback- Remember when the internet popup was in full force? Yeah I know super ANNOYING! 

    Well, they are making a huge comeback, and if you’ve been on the internet in the past year or so you have probably noticed and also been annoyed. 

    The good news is there are a few differences from the hideous popup ads of yesteryear. First of all, the new popups are generally only to give something away in exchange for some of your precious personal information i.e. 10% off if you subscribe to our newsletter; still annoying but not quite as annoying as in the good ol’ days.
  2. Huge Images and Videos are a MUST for Webpages! 
    As 2015 progressed, many ecommerce designers started putting a focus on large images and videos, many of which take up the entire screen. 

    These designs have delivered beautiful introductions for companies; businesses can quickly explain the purpose of the site in a short video sequence, or a stunning image, this means that consumers get all your brand messages without the tedium of actually clicking on your “About” Page and then actually using their eyes to read a page about your company. (c’mon who has time for that these days”.)
  3. Mobile Sales isn’t just a “like to have” but essential to Survival-
    The mobile buying numbers -are going up, and up, and up. If you haven’t modified your ecommerce site to make it mobile friendly, you’re pretty much out of time to remain competitive.
    A Lack of mobile compatibility also has the unfortunate effect of making your site look dated and your customer will need a sexton to navigate their way through it.
  4. Connecting with Customers through Social Media is not Enough. 
    In the past, social media was primarily to connect with customers and get them to like or comment on your content.

    This stirred up buzz whenever you launched a new product, and it would even send people to your product or blog pages when linked. Now the social ecommerce landscape is changing, considering so many of the social networks have opened up their systems for selling. People want the ability to buy immediately.
  5. Online Loyalty Programs Continue to Grow 
    The online loyalty program hasn’t seen as much growth as other marketing techniques, but as the technology improves, the online loyalty program is sure to improve could be your change to be ahead of the curve on this one.  

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