5 Ways Digital Order Software Will Change Your Business Forever


There are many businesses out there suffering unnecessarily. Many B2B suppliers and field sales reps are caught in a vicious manual order entry cycle that costs everybody in the supply chain; this leads to loss of revenue, spending that could have been avoided and a reduction in productivity.

However, there are businesses out there who have equipped their sales staff with order entry programs (such as Inzant Sales), leading to a rise in productivity, easier processes, better revenue totals, quicker turnover times and increased efficiency. Below, Inzant has listed just five of the ways digital order software will positively change your business forever:

More orders = more money

Inzant's efficient and easy-to-use mobile sales system makes the job of a salesperson 10x easier. At the touch of a button, orders can be taken instantaneously and processed a lot quicker. By saving time in this way, your B2B sales reps will have time to see more clients each day, resulting in more orders being taken and more money being made. It's that simple.

Say goodbye to order error

If admin staff manually enters an order incorrectly that a rep has phoned or faxed through, and then goes on to process that order, that's not that big a deal, right?

Wrong. Processing an incorrect order has many consequences, such as; manpower is needed to re-do the order, some items will need to be reshipped, some stock may be ordered in excess (accidentally) and become a big problem for the B2B sales rep. By having a digital system, reps no longer have to rely on the order being rekeyed correctly numerous times after order placement. It is done at the time of the sales call, and the probability of making costly mistakes is greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

Faster shipping = happy clients

Manual order entry has so many implications. It is not a one-off process. A rep may place an order one day, but not actually submit said order until five days later. This doesn't just affect the efficiency and productivity of the sales rep, but it affects the amount of time customers must wait for their products. This impacts the image of a company very badly, and highlights a major lack of professionalism. However, digital order software means orders are processed instantly and shipping times are that much faster.

Integrating Inzant order entry software with your business is easy

Inzant sales software is designed to complement your existing business software and applications. From ERP, CRM, inventory management processes, etc, Inzant works alongside these software programs and meshes seamlessly with your business. This creates a more streamlined and efficient order system and opens the lines of communication between different sectors.

Sales management teams can make better decisions for their businesses

With digital software like Inzant's, sales managers and reps have customers' order histories and habits centralised in the palm of their hands. This makes it easier to predict sales trends, coordinate the best way to utilise sales staff, manage inventory levels, create a rapport with customers and increase business productivity all round.

If you're looking to increase revenue and your business's productivity, start thinking about switching to methods that incorporate digital order taking software such as Inzant's. It will be the best thing your company ever does.

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