A FEATURE IN FOCUS - The Product Media Tab


A FEATURE IN FOCUS - The Product Media Tab

The driving force behind your business is usually the product that you sell. Selling your product is the thing that brings you joy, and a large part of that process is displaying your products to their best advantage; and the best way is to do this is to fully utilise the Product Media Tab. 


Your Product Images are what your customers remember, they are the best representation of your brand.  So your brand message needs to match your product, and the way you show that product to the world. If your brand message is high quality, then don’t show poor quality snapshots of your product. If your brand message is custom-made, one of a kind, make sure your images are as well.  It is well worth and investment of time or money to be sure they are superb and multiple images of your products give you’re them greater opportunity to make an impression. Use the Product Media tab to assign up to 5 different images to one product. As well as 2 PDF documents and even the ability to embed a video.


Product descriptions can be a tricky thing to write, people either have not enough information or they have way too many descriptors. Be clear, be simple and just say exactly what you need people to know.

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