App Case Study with 3P


Summary of 3P


3P are an Australian based importer, exporter and manufacturer. They have been in operation since 1969, and deal with thousands of products across multiple industries and sectors. 


We recently spoke with Mike from 3P (COVID-19 style) via an online meeting. Mike’s in charge of the sales team at 3P and has been a client of ours for over five years now. 


The challenge


Prior to using our App, 3P sold all their products via hard copy catalogues, which in Mike’s words were “difficult, cumbersome to maintain and time-consuming”.


3P store over 2,200 products in their range, and an electronic solution to present stock, place orders and improve the overall sales flow was needed. 


In addition to this, the solution needed to sync with their back-office accounting and ERP software. 


Incorporating the Inzant app was a big decision for the organisation, but one that simply had to happen. The solution needed to be easy to use as their reps were accustomed to their manual sales process, and importantly, it needed to boost productivity. 


Lastly, as a sales director, Mike needed to know for sure that every product was available in all his reps presentations. Often with a hard copy catalogue, important stock items were being missed which isn’t ideal when targets need to be hit!


How we overcame 3PS challenges


Working closely with the 3P team, we integrated the Inzant App into their organisation’s sales process. We guided them through the set-up process, ensuring all products were uploaded, and everyone using the app was familiar with how to use it.

From here, Mike’s sales team at 3P were able to easily present their stock using the simple to navigate categories. Now they can place the sale in-store, which is instantly sent back to HQ for immediate fulfilment. All within the same App. 


On top of this, Mike’s reps now had an in-built CRM to optimise their sales meeting, allowing them to tend to clients when they needed their stock the most. The CRM also mapped their clients out by location, allowing the reps to map out the best route to follow for the day, minimising time wasted on the road. 


From a back-office perspective, Inzant Sales integrates with their chosen accounting software, which also greatly reduced their admin, and improved the accuracy of their reporting. 


Streamlining the entire sales process for 3P


We asked Mike to sum how things have gone over the years using Inzant’s app. He said, “my reps have been hammering this thing (our app) day in day out’. It’s user friendly and has saved us an enormous amount of time over the years that our reps have been able to use more wisely.”


Key benefits from using Inzant’s app for 3P


  • All of 3Ps 2200 products organised, easy to find and present within our app

  • No more hard copy catalogues and time wasted updating them

  • Back-office admin greatly reduced by Inzant and accounting software integration

  • Sales reps able to store important client notes in the apps built-in CRM




Working with Mike and the team from 3P over the years has been a pleasure. Our app has developed with their business, and our close relationship keeps on building. We look forward to helping them streamline their sales process even more in the years to come!

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