B2B E-Commerce Web Portals = The Future of Sales


Gone are the days of paper ordering, data rekeying, and purchasing stock solely via sales reps. With Inzant’s beautifully crafted and customisable e-commerce web portals, B2B/B2C customers can place orders anytime, anywhere. Save time, money, and increase the accessibility of your product.

Not convinced? The following list shows exactly why B2B e-commerce web portals are the new black:

  1. Online platforms are open 24/7/365;

  2. Customers can access e-commerce platforms from anywhere, on any device;

  3. Inzant’s customisable, widget-based design improves readability, interactivity and overall visual aesthetic;

  4. Your business is able to tap into new markets and customer segments (unheard of with traditional methods);

  5. Order errors are significantly reduced/almost non-existent;

  6. Inzant’s cutting-edge Shopping Cart features provide your business with more opportunities to thrive financially;

  7. Web portals are easy to navigate and can be used by customers with any level of computer literacy;

  8. Your business will see an increase in customer satisfaction- the convenience of 24/7 availability and access is a major plus;

  9. Your website is a permanent, interactive location showcasing your brand and range of products and resources; and

  10. E-commerce websites can easily run promotions and sales, which only helps to up-sell and increase revenue.

Mobile CRM systems are a good start, but the addition of an Inzant e-commerce web portal will really help your business skyrocket productivity wise, and financially.

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