Clear Up Your Content


Clear Up Your Content


Knowing what is good website and social media content is getting harder and harder.  Competition is growing and your prospects attention spans are getting shorter.  As a result understanding your audience is essential; Marketing 101 right? But what is also crucial to remember is who you want to be to your target customers. 


Are you the no nonsense budget version? Or are you the boutique brand that is all about the “Experience” you offer the customer.


These questions need to be answered when developing your content and is paramount to bringing in traffic, but it also has a large impact on whether your viewers will feel drawn to convert.


While conveying brand messages are and important part of content based marketing; there is another simple, yet vital component to successful engagement; provide a clear value proposition.  Make it completely clear the value your customer stands to gain in return for their investment in your offer. A business that recycles an elevator pitch or a selling proposition and tries to pass is off as a value proposition is still focussing on what they, the business do, as opposed to what they offer a customer.


These days buyers are quite aware of old-school marketing or sly tactics. Content that is straightforward and clear is refreshing, engaging and builds trust and will lend credence to your business and brand messages.

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