Do you need Call Cycle Planning?


Save time while increasing productivity. 

Inzant are always looking to develop new add on’s for our Inzant sales app to makelife easier for our customers. Inzant sales was designed to maximise efficiencyand therefore increase profits and employee satisfaction.

Lets your sales team focus on selling

Your sales team are great atselling that’s why you hired them, so let them focus on what they are fantasticat. Inzant call cycle planning you can set up their calls and this then allows therep to simply select the next customer to visit.With the new turn by turn navigation, they can even use apple maps GPS likefunctionality to direct them to the next store!

Easy to manage & update

The call cycle planning add on is designed to allow you to easilycreate and manage your sales teams call cycle. The simple yet powerfulspreadsheet management allows easy filtering and bulk editing, meaning set upand changes are a breeze.

Time saving

The Inzant Call cycle planning module will have a time saving impact onthe sales team. Being able to analytically review the data allows you to set upeach sales call when you want and in the order you want this will mean you canset reps on the quickest route as well as set up frequency of visits to eachcustomer, giving the reps the ability to spend more time face to face with the customers.

Increases productivity 

Improving the cycle in which mobile sales people visit your customerswill inherently improve their productivity as less time will be spent on theroad, and more time in stores selling. Having straight forward directions andtargets for their days will ensure they are making the most of their time,while giving your sales team excellent support for achieving maximum productivity.


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