Double Data Entry? No Thank you!


When you finish a long trade show day, do you want to go back to your hotel room and enter a fat stack of orders manually? Or do you want to press a button on your device and have them automatically sent to your account system, while you kick back with some room service to celebrate a record sales day?

Integration = Time Saved

Inzant Tradeshow has the capability to integrate with your accounts software this means when you upload your orders they will appear in the Inzant admin client and your accounts package meaning you can have your staff in the office pick and pack the orders on the day they are taken, with no double data entry. 

Point, Shoot, Order

Searching for product codes and writing out orders can take a long time when you are trying to fit as many new customers in as possible. To cut down on this time wastage Inzant Tradeshow has developed in app barcode scanning. This means ordering is as easy as selecting a customer, scanning items, select quantities and upload the order. 

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