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Inzant have always wanted to make life easier for our customers but we also want to take it that one step further and help you be the very best in your industry. Inzant Sales Enterprise was designed to maximise efficiency; and therefore increase profits and employee satisfaction and take your business far above the competition.


Integrated Call Cycle Planning

Inzant Call Cycle planning is the latest Inzant add on to help sales reps use their time as effectively as possible. Our Call cycle planning add on allows you to manage your sales team call cycles so they are using the most efficient routes to service your customer base. 

o  Save time while increasing productivity.

o  Let your sales team focus on selling

o  Easy to manage & update

o  Visit More Customers

Improving the cycle in which mobile sales people visit your customers will inherently improve their productivity as less time will be spent on the road, and more time in stores selling. Having straight forward directions and targets for their days will ensure they are making the most of their time, while giving your sales team excellent support for achieving maximum productivity.

Advanced Pricing Module

This will greatly improve the functionality and ease of maintenance for your current pricing set up.

The Pricing Rule values that are editable include;

o  Pricing Rule Type

o  Supplier

o  Retailer Qualifier

o  Retailer Qualifier Value

o  Product Qualifier

o  Product Qualifier Value

o  Minimum Order Qty (for pricing rule to apply)

o  Discounted Price / Discount Percent Amount

The pricing details screen allows you to edit, create and delete complex pricing rules right from the Inzant Sales Web Client. 

Other Great Features

Automated linking of supplier to distributor systems - automatic update product information and selling tools for multiple systems.
Loyalty Program ready
 8 Business Hour support response time
Support Specials and Promotional deals


In the first quarter of 2017 Enterprise level will receiving an exclusive software release with even more amazing features.


  • Assign General Tasks
  • Assign Mandatory tasks
  • Assign Tasks to specific Users
  • Record kilometers traveled
  • Record Expenses

Approved Product Lists

  • Appeal to Corporate Clients
  • Improve the customer order experience
  • Speed up the ordering process
  • Take full advantage of all order modes on both     the website and iPad

Business Intelligence Reporting

  • Turn your data into useful information
  • Present data beautifully and practically
  • Easy to use, Easy to manage
  • Build your own reports and dashboards
  • Create reports and dashboards for your staff so they can see their personal sales data


  • Understand your customers better
  • Tailor current sales and marketing activities to current customer needs
  • Get the competitive advantage
  • Capture Product and Merchandising Images

iPad- BI Ordering Modes

  • Best Selling 50 items
  • Best Selling 50 items not recently ordered.


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