Gain the Competitive Edge with Insightful Sales Techniques and Communication


There's a lot more to being a good, effective sales rep than simply showing up to meet a client and flicking through product catalogues. Efficient reps will arrive with a well thought out strategy and their sales process will be transparent, easy to understand and streamlined. They will know their customers inside and out, and they can accurately showcase what they provide their clients and how they can help them achieve their goals.

Inzant, for example, makes communication and selling between the client and salesperson a breeze. The comprehensive sales system effortlessly gives businesses the competitive edge they need to succeed. Here's how Inzant works its magic:

Business Intelligence (BI) Top 50 Products

Inzant’s BI reporting system contains a list of up-to-date, top 50 selling products across the industry. Reps can use this knowledge to promote certain items and encourage repeat customers to purchase the right product.

The BI top 50 list also allows reps to highlight proven sellers the buyer is not currently stocking. This is useful information for both parties, and puts the onus on the customer to purchase successful products.

Easy to configure pre-packs and parcel buys

With the click of a button, reps can automatically add entire lines and recommended quantities into their client's order while using the catalogue campaign feature. Known as pre-packs and parcel buys, this feature makes it easier for clients to understand the benefits and features of the products they are buying. Such transparency strengthens the relationship between salesperson and client, and the customer feels more in control and included in the sales process.

Advanced pricing

Features such as breakpoint pricing and the application of purchase discounts will put your business in good stead with its customers and have them coming back to you. Pricing can be customised for different clients and deals can be made and saved to their accounts. These kinds of customisable features make transactions more personable and increase the likelihood of creating lifelong business partnerships.

Simple and convenient web ordering

With Inzant, your business only needs one website for both B2B and B2C clients. Through a specialised login, your wholesale customers can enjoy the appropriate price lists and discounts. Alternatively, new retail customers from all over the world can view and order through a public-facing web store. Additionally, websites are not restricted by space or time. If a consumer is ever in need of some last minute items or wants to reorder a best seller ASAP, they are able to do so!

Effective sales process

Inzant’s mobile CRM platform includes PDF catalogues, dynamic image presentations, video links, a list of best sellers, COMPLETE order history, and information about clients’ buying and spending habits. This innovative tool will improve customer retention rates, streamline the sales process and increase revenue.

With features that help clients just as much as they do businesses, Inzant's transparent, insightful sales system will most definitely aid your company in gaining that competitive edge over others. 

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