How B2B Wholesalers are Growing by Using Sales Apps.


Online sales apps have provided wholesale professionals the opportunity to streamline their roles, eliminating the majority of their paperwork. This helps you be far more organised in your day to day tasks. Programs like Inzant Sales are changing the game for wholesale professionals. If you're still doing your work manually, the good news is that you can easily find more time and overall sales. 

So, what is the Inzant Sales platform used for?

As a wholesaler, you are often dealing directly with retail chains, stores and distributors. Often your reps will need to present stock, manage orders on the spot, or organise an online portal so your customers can order stock themselves. 

Our platform here at Inzant allows your sales team to handle the above tasks with ease, all on a modern, professional iPad app. With a tool like this, your sales reps will be well organised, ready to present professionally at any moment, and well on top of their CRM management.

The platform and your customer experience.

It's clear that a well-designed platform is an important tool for improving your overall operation, but what is the exact value on offer?

It's clear that brands and particularly the larger companies are now placing a high value on service, support and a solid overall sales experience. Without an emphasis on these areas, your business is left to fight on price in a race to the bottom.

It's also clear that brands are now favouring self-service when possible. The convenience of accessing a personal sales portal is a big tick for brands that often need urgent orders, or simply want to save time. The role of the modern-day sales rep isn't entirely face to face anymore - that's not to say your position is a dying art, sales reps simply need to be crafty now so more than ever. Listening to what your customer wants has never been more important.

A mobile sales force.

Mobility for the modern sales rep is important to their success. If your sales rep can't easily present your stock or take orders on the spot, they're losing sales. Having to go back to the office and send information is a killer of conversion rates. 

Reps that are on the road need to be armed and ready to present.  And it's more than just being ready to present - it's about being ready to upsell, take orders instantly, check inventory levels and simply do the work that drives revenue, not the work that takes time. 

The power of a solid CRM

You might have a CRM in place, but is it truly effective? Is it easily accessible? Does it set up your days as a sales rep for success? Within our platform is an easy to follow CRM that will allow you to follow up on every prospect or existing client. Setting aside the reminder to call a client or a prospect is essential, and when you bring up a personal question that you noted down from the previous call, the person you're speaking with will know you truly care.

Sales is about creating great relationships!

Why you should consider a platform like ours? 

This one is easy. Our platform grows your business and saves your reps an enormous amount of time. It's been awesome to see the results our clients have been getting, and we would love to pass on these results to your wholesale business as well. 

If you would like to know more information about our sales platform, send us a message below so we can give you a free online demo. It's a simple online meeting to show you exactly how our program will help your business. 

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