How Does Inzant Aid Sales Management Teams?


Inzant is a great tool for reps. From a customer’s order history to 'break point pricing' features, the mobile ordering app empowers your salespeople to upsell, cross-sell and strengthen customer relationships.

Additionally, your management team is provided with important insights concerning the sales process and able to make vital business decisions based on this data. Some of the benefits to managers include:

  • Increased productivity- with Inzant, your business can maximise sales on the road by choosing which customer to visit and when, based on sales data and order history. This information allows managers to efficiently and accurately distribute tasks and staff as needed;

  • Better sales- mobile CRM provides a deeper understanding of customer buying habits, interests, behaviours and purchasing cycles. Sales reps are then equipped with the knowledge of what to sell, what to push, and how to achieve their targets;

  • Sales team monitoring- by tracking rep locations, activities and business transactions, you will be able to make better, data-driven decisions based on reporting, which in turn helps to maximise productivity. Additionally, there will be a higher level of trust between manager and sales rep; and  

  • Sales tracking- Inzant provides a stronger overview of your sales activity. With BI reporting and the ability to monitor total sales/progress by individual rep or state, managers are given the tools to modify, adapt and better understand products, orders, retailers and territories.

The availability of sales intelligence puts the management team at an advantage to better lead their teams, and encourages them to implement best sales methods and practices.

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