How a mobile sales app will grow your wholesale business.


It’s been a tough start to 2020 for most wholesale businesses, well, most businesses in general for that matter. 


The impact of the global pandemic has forced many organisations to pivot their entire business-model and make drastic changes to keep the lights on. 


For wholesale businesses, keeping sales reps productive and ensuring a steady stream of sales has been a massive challenge.


However, while our economy isn’t running on all cylinders, now is a great time to evaluate the productivity of our systems and make important improvements to our business. 


A major change many wholesale businesses are actioning right now is updating their manual, paperwork intensive and prone to errors sales cycle, to a mobile sales app that’s easy use, saves reps time, and helps them generate more sales. 


When our sales system is at full-throttle, making a change to a mobile sales app might seem daunting, but with the business slowed down, now is the perfect time to make this vital upgrade to your sales workflow. 


Below we’ve outlined the three key benefits of incorporating a mobile sales app into your sales cycle. 


A comprehensive digital catalogue 


Traditionally, wholesale reps have had to haul around massive product catalogues. These files make for a clunky sales process that doesn’t give your client the full perspective of the products you have available. 


By using a mobile sales app, your reps have the ability to present your entire product range to their clients at the touch of a button. Also, your reps can quickly search for different products by category or name.


Presenting your stock on a mobile sales app not only looks professional, but it gives your reps the chance to showcase products your client otherwise never would have found in a big clunky folder. 


Instant sales


Another benefit of incorporating a mobile sales app into your business is your reps being able to make sales on the spot. Firstly, we spoke about how a mobile sales app works as a beautiful online catalogue. Well, once the client has chosen the products they want to buy, your rep can now make sales on the spot. 


With the touch of a button, your rep is able to place an order that’s instantly sent back to home base. This is great for wholesale businesses because orders are generated and fulfilled in real-time. No more waiting around for the rep to come back to the office, or having to spend hours doing tedious filing and paperwork. 


With any good mobile sales app, there will also be an easy to use CRM available. For example, we have an in-built CRM available in our mobile sales app. Why?


We want to place the entire sales process into one easy to use app. So, this means organising your reps day by what client they need to see next, who is closest to their location and having the ability to leave notes for each client on when to call them back. 


Integration with back-office software


Lastly, one of the major benefits of incorporating a mobile sales app into your process is having it integrate with your back office software. A good mobile sales app will integrate with your accounting, fulfilment and reporting software. 


This benefit isn’t for your reps, it’s for the businesses leaders. Having the entire sales process integrated with your back-office software is a huge timesaver when it comes to the paperwork at the end of the day. In a recent interview, we asked Farren Ostilly, Director of Chempharm - a wholesale front-end goods supplier to pharmacies - why he incorporated a mobile sales app into his business. His answer was simple. “I got it for myself”.


Farren spoke in detail about how the platform helped his reps, but above all, he spoke about how much time it saved him each and every day. 




Overall, we’ve only touched on the benefits of running a good mobile sales app in your business. Having a comprehensive digital catalogue on hand, the ability to process orders instantly, and then having this all integrate with your back-end software is just the beginning. 


The real benefits of using a mobile sales app come once you’re using the platform every day, and breezing by the usual roadblocks of paperwork, stock availability or even just hauling around a huge file. 


At Inzant, we’ve developed a mobile sales app that is specifically for the wholesale industry. It covers everything we have mentioned in this article and more. 


If incorporating a mobile sales app into your business is something you’re thinking about, then feel free to reach out here for a free demo call. We’ll talk about our app and how it will help your business specifically with no obligations at all. 


We hope you’re getting through this tough period alright, here’s to the other side. 


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