How the right sales rep software will make your life easy


Sales reps have a tough gig at times. They’re on the road 24/7, chasing customers to stay above water. Meetings are often allocated a small time-frame, so when that meeting comes, it’s important that both parties walk away satisfied with the transaction. 


With constant meetings, comes constant paperwork. For reps, this paperwork can take up a huge amount of time, particularly in the wholesale industry. 


On top of this, mistakes are often made when it comes to these orders. Was it the right amount? Or of course, DO WE HAVE THAT ITEM IN BLOODY STOCK! 


In this article, we detail how our software here at Inzant will save you hours as a sales rep, and allow you to be far more productive. 


You may already be using a software system to handle orders online, as well as software for your CRM.  But the question is, are you happy with this software? Is it really making your life easier? 


Mobile Orders for sales reps.


Inzant’s main feature is our mobile sales system. Often our clients use this feature alone as it’s so powerful to their overall productivity that they don’t even need to look at the other features of our product. Yes, this annoys us… 


Anyway, our Mobile Ordering system allows reps to present their products to clients on a simple iPad App. Orders can be logged on the spot and fulfilment back in the warehouse can begin instantly. Our Mobile Ordering system completely eliminates paperwork and those huge files we all used to haul around displaying our products. 


For the business owners out there, these orders can be directly integrated with your accounting software to further minimise your bookwork. Yes, you can have a life and run a business…


Our clients love this feature because the reps head into the store, and their customers take over the app and place the orders themselves! Meanwhile, the reps chat away with the store owner or the manager, building an even stronger relationship. 


Mobile sales solution









CRM for sales reps


Within Inzant, you can also manage your CRM. Each client and their details will be listed. All the handy information you need to know like their last order and when it was made, along with any other notes you wish to see are all available instantly. 


A call-cycle feature is there to help you make a simple, yet highly productive list of who to call and when. This makes sure that you’re seeing your clients periodically like clockwork. 


You’re able to meet with the clients that are in need of their next order, making your life easier from a sales perspective - knowing you’re calling or meeting with someone that genuinely needs what you have to offer is always handy!


Does your current system do this? Having a mobile ordering system in the same place as a CRM has been a game-changer for our clients. The time they’ve saved avoiding pointless meetings and paperwork has changed their entire outlook on their job. 


Online Ordering solution


Lastly, at Inzant we also offer an Online Ordering solution that integrates with the app - and your accounting software - allowing your clients to handle their own ordering. 


This has been massive for our clients that have customers in hard to reach places or so many customers that their reps can’t keep up. 


Having an Online Ordering solution that your customer can personally log into and order from is a great way to streamline and automate your business. 


Sales reps will always have their place in your business, but having the online option for your customer allows them to make urgent orders when they arise. 


Having an online store also opens your business up to a whole new market, allowing the public to become a new sector your business can service. 


Web store solution




For sales reps, knowing that you can easily present your products, and make orders instantly with no paperwork is vital. 


On top of this, integrating a well-thought-out, but simple to use CRM can help make your workflow move like clockwork as you service the clients that need what you have to offer the most.


Thankfully, this all possible, and we have many clients now that have made life easier for themselves. 


Do you think you can be doing things better as a sales rep? Is so, feel free to reach out to us for a free online demo by clicking here. We’ll simply show you how our app works,  how it could save you hours and increase your productivity. 


Are you a wholesale business looking to grow?

At Inzant, we provide wholesale professionals with a tool that saves time and generates sales. Our easy to use iPad app is changing the game for our clients, and if you would like to learn more about what we do, simply get in touch for a free demo.


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