If These Warning Signs Look All Too Familiar, Your Company Is In Need Of CRM Software


Don’t ignore the warning signs

Every business has a certain way of doing things, employing known methods and processes that have been around for a long time, perhaps even decades. However, doing things “the same way they’ve always been done” doesn’t mean they’re the most effective or efficient. Times have changed, technology has changed, and people have changed. Without realising, your outdated systems could be holding your company back and hindering the sales process.

In the digital age, businesses need to adapt, streamline and modernise their procedures in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. If the following warning signs look all too familiar, it’s time to employ Inzant’s CRM/sales order software:

Your sales reps are drowning in paperwork

In the sales world, paperwork isn’t an advantage. Instead of increasing sales and visiting multiple customers a day, reps are having to lug around large booklets and order sheets to each location. Additionally, they’re having to spend a lot of their time inputting this data into laptops; if this isn’t done, orders will not be processed. Ergo, the Inzant Sales System is the way to go.

Employing efficient sales order management software eliminates the use of all paper, and the rekeying of data. Not only does this help the environment, but it means sales can be processed immediately and the chance of sales errors is reduced. By simplifying the sales process, your business can only grow and thrive.

Your management teams are unaware of their reps’ whereabouts or sales figures

Sales reps can be on the road for long periods of time, visiting a number of clients throughout the week. Sometimes they may return to the office with a huge number of sales, and other days they may have little to show for the day. As a business, how do you know if your employees have exhausted every avenue, taken every opportunity with their customers, and used their time effectively? You don’t. This is why the Inzant Sales Plus App is a must for both sales management teams and their reps.

Utilising comprehensive sales software means managers can track the location of their reps and the revenue they are accumulating; they can then make changes or highlight areas of improvement and rest assured knowing they are getting the most from their sales teams and customers.

Your reps are unable to remember their clients’ last order or important product information

Visiting a repeat customer should be a quick and easy task, as they are most likely to reorder the same products as last time. However, your rep has forgotten their client’s paperwork, and they cannot recall any of the specific items in said order. Hurriedly, they flip through product catalogues and try to help the customer locate their items; at this point, the customer is already fed up not only at the lack of professionalism, but time being wasted on the manual handling of the transaction. This can easily be solved with Inzant’s mobile CRM system.

Inzant’s mobile CRM platform includes PDF catalogues, dynamic image presentations, video links, a list of best sellers, COMPLETE order history, and information about clients’ buying and spending habits. This innovative tool will improve customer retention rates, streamline the sales process and increase revenue.

Your customer satisfaction rate is at an all-time low

With outdated systems, comes outdated results. When reps are juggling mounds of paperwork, product catalogues and order forms, chances are the process is going to take a lot longer than need be. The sale will also not be processed on the spot, and some reps even have trouble remembering their customer’s name and/or recurring orders. All of this leads to irritation on the client’s behalf, and time is wasted on menial, manual tasks that could be done in seconds via digital means. With Inzant’s CRM system, everything is smoother and a lot more customer-friendly.

A system that contains information and notes on a customer, their favourite orders, their least favourite items, the average amount they spend, detailed images and information, all in one easy-to-use and handle mobile platform, is going to make the above customer issues a thing of the past. Without strong B2B and B2C relationships, businesses will cease to exist or make money, so this is a vital requirement for any company.  

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