Improve Your Tradeshow Processes For 2019


Tradeshow season has come to an end. As usual, it was an extremely busy, chaotic and time-consuming period. With thousands of people having passed through every day, you have to wonder if your methods were effective enough. Could you improve? Did you notice any problems or issues that stilted the sales process? If the answer is ‘yes’, your business is not alone.

Inzant is no stranger to the tradeshow scene. After listening to the comments, complaints and concerns of business owners, the innovative company introduced the Inzant Tradeshow App- an intuitive, easy-to-use system created for order-taking and a seamless sales experience. This application has been specifically designed to maximise every opportunity and ensure the best possible outcome at one of the most pivotal business events of the year. If you’re still unsure about the benefits of implementing the Inzant Tradeshow App, the following list of its extremely useful features will change your mind:

No previous experience/training required

The beauty of the tradeshow app lies in its ability to be mastered by anyone in a short amount of time. Your business could give the mobile sales app to the newest member of the team, and within minutes he/she will be proficient in the order-taking process. If anyone calls in sick and a last minute replacement is used, rest assured they won’t be lacking in the required skills to use the simple app and SELL, SELL, SELL!

You won’t have to rely on the internet

In this day and age, everyone and every company relies on the internet for even the most basic business transaction. If for some reason there is a power outage/loss of internet connection while at the tradeshow, you won’t have to scramble for pen and paper or an excel sheet. The Inzant Tradeshow App works offline, with no 4G or WiFi required.

Quick sales and contact collection

The use of barcode scanning for both contact collection and order-taking is a huge asset. ID tags can be scanned to create new customers, or you can search through the app’s history of current customer lists. The easy-to-use filter system quickly sorts both product and customer information, ensuring a smooth and speedy sale. Customers can also be emailed PDF copies of their orders, or they can be printed from the app directly after being processed. Not only does this system impress, but it helps create a modern, up-to-date and professional image for your company.

The app allows for EDI integration with your ERP or accounts package

Orders can be directly imported into ERP/accounts instantly! Before the tradeshow is over, your orders could be packed and shipped; if this isn’t effective customer service, then nothing is. 

Bonus features

The Inzant Tradeshow App may be extremely simple and straightforward to use, but it’s packed full of special features and options. The app itself supports multiple price lists, break point pricing, preloaded images, the addition of bonus items to orders, and the tremendously important Business Intelligence reporting feature. Additionally, the sales platform can be customised to suit your company’s branding, making it unique, sleek and appealing to tradeshow attendees!

“Applying…tradeshow technology ideas enhances the visitor experience and engages them on a deeper level. Furthermore, incorporating technology into your tradeshow plan will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your overall marketing strategies” (Octametro, 2017). 

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