Inzant Referral and Re-seller program


Introducing the Inzant Referral and Re-seller programs!

Since the very start of Inzant we have had a huge amount of referral customers. People who love our system pass on the good word to friends in the industry which warms our hearts. As a way to thank our amazing customers who bring us these great referrals we have developed a referral and re-seller program which will give your company Inzant rewards for each customer we sign on from a referral or when joining the re-seller program we offer a reward for each sale you make on behalf of Inzant.

The Referral program.

Our referral program is segmented into 3 parts, for the Inzant sales system, Branded web portals and the Inzant shopping cart website. The rewards for each referral will be given once the new customer has signed on and paid their first invoice. The rewards are as follows:

•             When you refer a business for the Inzant sales system you will be given their total amount of users off your bill for two months.

•             When you refer a business for the branded portal you will be credited $200 for your next invoice

•             When you refer buisness for a full Inzant websites customer to us you will be credited $500 to your next invoice


The Re-Seller program.

The Inzant Re-seller program is offered to individuals who would love the Inzant system and would love the share it with more like minded businesses. If you are interested in becoming an Inzant Re-seller contact our sales team today via the information below. We will send you an information pack and book in a training session for you to learn all about our Re-seller program and our wide range of products. 


If you would like to join these programs contact us today!

02 49570281 or


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