Inzant Sales December Features


December has seen a great set of features make its way into Inzant Sales, alongside all of the new integrations that are now available (Inzant API, QuickBooks Online, Metcash & MoneyWorks) – we’ve been steadily working on both the Inzant Web and Mobile sales platforms to try and sneak out some features before the end of the year. This batch of features are all available now for you to enjoy!

On the Inzant Web platform has the following enhancements;

  • Products can be displayed more flexibly in both grid and list shop modes, with the name, code, image, description, pricing and discounting offering more display options in the CMS configuration. 
  • For customers using the Login Redirect functionality (which enables you to create URLs for pages which prompt users to login before viewing it) you’ll see some enhanced performance when using this feature. 
  • The account enquiry form has been drastically extended to now function as a form builder widget, which will enable to add bespoke forms on any given page for whatever purpose you need.
  • Custom HTML Blob widgets can now be extended so that you have as many unique versions of the widget as you require. This will enable you to go totally crazy with the number of custom zones on your pages, whilst keeping the “maintenance” side of this totally minimal.

The Inzant Sales Plus app has also had some great enhancements;

  • Minimum order quantities for items enable you to configure a minimum amount on the device the user can order (and if the intended amount is under that it prompts the user up to the minimum level).
  • Enforcing users to always order in carton quantity units with a brand new keypad to suit this new method is now a feature that can be enabled.
  • A field to highlight items that are active but unavailable (i.e. they may be temporarily out of stock) has been added, which will also limit the ordering of these items.
  • Enhanced weekly & monthly summary screens, reporting on both interactions and orders & also allowing you to filter between orders raised in your territory, versus orders raised by you.
  • Enhancements to variation & master product selling on the iPad including display & search capabilities.

If you’d like any more information on any of these new features, or if you’re interested in discussing a demo for Inzant Sales please get in touch with the Inzant team now to discuss! 

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