Inzant Sales Feature Release Oct ‘18


We've just delivered some exciting new features

The development team at Inzant have been working hard to bring you some great new features before the end of the year. We are proud to announce that we’ve been able to include both improvements to the product variation selling on the iPad, as well as the initial release of the new Inzant Hub API.

The improvements to the variation selling bring the user interface on the iPad into line with how the integrated website displays the information, enabling the rep to easily group and order variants from a single, intuitive popup. This is included in the latest version of the app and requires no configuration or admin work to enable - you can find a guide on the ordering process here.

The Inzant Hub API will now enable clients or third party developers to build bespoke integrations or add-ons for Inzant Sales. This initial release has a limited set of endpoints available, however we’ll be working hard on increasing this to include a comprehensive set of entities.  This release is coupled with the new Integration Management section of the Inzant admin website – which will enable you to manage all your currently configured integrations in one simple location.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of bespoke integration using the API then you can read more about the technical aspects here at the Inzant Developer Hub – which includes example requests, responses and a sample application with source code included.

Please get in touch with Inzant if you’d like to discuss how you could best take advantage of any of the new features in this release.

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  • Yvonne 28.10.18

    Hi guys, There is no link to the "guide on the ordering process" - can you please send the guide to me? Thanks

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