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Trade shows are always insanely busy. Arguably tradeshows are the most stressful time of year for business owners.  Inzant know this very well visiting many trade shows around Australia.

Inzant have been listening to the concerns of business owners and the one stand out comment we see is the need for a simplified Inzant sales for trade shows. When tradeshows get busy and you need an extra set of hands or 6 you need to be able to hand an intuitive, easy to use system to anyone and have them start taking orders straight away.

To address this issue Inzant have developed Inzant Trade Show. To put it simply Inzant Tradeshow is a lite version of Inzant Sales purely for use at trade shows.

Ordering through Inzant Tradeshow can be done with barcode scanning or through the familiar easy to use filter system. The App is designed for quick sales and contact collection while still giving the users the same great product and customer information they are used to with the Inzant Sales app. Inzant Tradeshow has all current customers with correct customer pricing, products and product information and images pre-loaded, and adding new customers is as easy as scanning their show ticket or manually entering them.

The Tradeshow app also allows you to work offline so there is no relying on 4G or wifi all orders can be taken during the day and uploaded in the evenings with ease. Customers can also be emailed PDF copies of their order or you can air print them directly from the app while on the stand with or without images included on the sales order.

Inzant Tradeshow offer the option for EDI integration with your ERP or accounts package. Orders can be directly imported into ERP/accounts instantly meaning your orders could be packed and shipped before the end of the day, talk about service! 

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