Inzant partners with MoneyWorks!


Inzant has been working with MoneyWorks to provide a great new integration for Inzant Sales users who use the MoneyWorks ERP, and we can proudly announce that this feature is now live & available to use.

About MoneyWorks: MoneyWorks was built from the ground up for the needs of business, finance and accounting professionals. It isn’t bloated with wider organisational "features" like HR & CRM, that are costly, complicated and need an IT consultancy to configure. Instead you get a powerful, feature rich platform that unlocks your company’s accounting data to help you run a better business. Designed for maximum flexibility and interoperability, MoneyWorks allows you to structure your accounts to match the needs of your business. MoneyWorks is fully supported, regularly updated and flexible enough to fit within your workflow and integrate with your existing business software (MoneyWorks, 2018).

Inzant has worked closely with MoneyWorks to help implement this modern, API-based integration, with some of the features including:

- Instant order placement in MoneyWorks for rep & website orders;

- Full configuration interface ensures settings are managed by your admin team;

- Tight API based integration ensures a smooth rollout; and

- Customer & Product information from MoneyWorks synced into Inzant.

If you’d like some assistance configuring this new integration for your business, please get in touch with Inzant to discuss.

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