Inzant’s 2018 Wrap-Up


It’s been a busy run up to the end of the year at Inzant, with one of our major focuses this year being on new integrations for Inzant Sales, with the Inzant API, Dear Systems, QuickBooks Online, Metcash turn-in-orders, MoneyWorks & MYOB Essentials being the big ticket items we’ve completed. Alongside this we’ve been steadily working on some Inzant Sales Plus app enhancements – which are available in the latest version in the app store.

The major goal at Inzant this year was to holistically review & update processes & systems where needed. This review paid dividends, and after implementing some new systems & processes internally this year we’ve been able to focus much more efficiently on our project work & support load. This in turn has helped enable us to deliver more features into the product, sooner than originally planned.

Looking forward into 2019 and beyond, a couple of our main projects will be revamping both the backend admin site & the mobile sales app. The admin site revamp is already well underway, and you’ll notice progressive enhancements in the admin site every couple of months as we drop the new content in. A new and as yet unrevealed project is the Inzant Sales app redesign, which we are looking at from the ground up to ensure Inzant continues to stay cutting edge in terms of features & functionality. During the process we’ll be looking to enhance all the elements you already love as well as introduce some great new features.

Aside from these major revamp projects we also have some brand new features & feature enhancement projects lined up, with call cycle planning and CRM functionality to get some great improvements, new widgets for the Inzant Web platform, additional reporting capability with PowerBI reporting and enhancements to the business intelligence order modes within the app & website.

All in all it’s been a great year at Inzant, and we’d like to thank all our hardworking staff & our fantastic customers for helping make 2018 such a good year!

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