Inzant’s thoughts on Mobile Device Management for Sales Teams


The bulk of our customer base will have a mobile sales team in some way, shape or form, who use one of the Inzant Sales apps to conduct their day to day business. One of the completely overlooked tasks that goes along with a modern sales system like Inzant Sales is the general day to day device management.

Larger sales teams will inevitably have a revolving door of devices needing to be replaced or reloaded – mainly due to staff turnover or wear and tear on the devices themselves. This means that someone in management or IT is often tasked with the unenviable job of making sure this process is humming along smoothly. We see quite often the stress a broken iPad places on both the rep & the office staff, even if it is just for a short period whilst it’s being replaced.

Mobile device management is "a range of products and services that enables organisations to deploy and support corporate applications to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets … enforcing policies and maintaining the desired level of IT control across multiple platforms" (Gartner Research Firm).

Over the past couple of years we’ve started to see more mobile device management solutions start popping into the SME region of the market (in terms of viability & affordability). This kind of software enables you to take the headache out of remotely ensuring that everyone’s critical software is always installed & configured correctly (like emails & critical business apps like Inzant Sales). This would make remotely provisioning new devices for team members a breeze.

They typically also allow security setting management & audits to be managed centrally, without needing to physically handle any of the devices. This would cover things like required, approved & blacklisted apps, corporate email setting management (i.e. what apps can access mail data), locked screen/login security levels, BYOD data security & the ability to run audits across the device fleet to monitor lost, broken or jail-broken/rooted devices.

The success of this type of software among SME's is in part due to the huge shift towards being able to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in a corporate environment – where businesses are now much more comfortable with employees using their own devices for work purposes, provided the business can guarantee proprietary information is secure.

What inspired us to write a quick blog post on the topic was some nice software that came across our desk from ManageEngine (rated 6th highest in this fairly competitive category on Capterra – which is no mean feat). After doing some further digging on the topic, you can find some really in-depth product comparisons in much more detailed blogs at Finances Online (20 Best Mobile Device Management Software in 2018) and TechRader Pro (Best MDM Solutions in 2018).

At the end of the day these solutions aren’t for everyone, and certainly not for businesses of all sizes. The initial & ongoing cost of this software needs to be justified by the ongoing time saved & general ease of use. If you're finding device management is really starting to take up a lot of time and resources in your business, then potentially software along these lines is something to explore.

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