Is Your Website User-Friendly?


A responsive website is one that has been designed and coded to provide an optimal viewing experience with easy reading and navigation. This means any device you use to view the site (including desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone) will scale any images, links and content for ease of use and viewing.  

The dominance of the tablet and smart phone has allowed marketing and web content to be even more accessible. According to, mobile E-commerce was estimated to be worth 3.2 Trillion dollars in 2017- this is a whopping increase of 213% in four years!

With money like this flying around, it is essential that online sellers offer tablet and mobile-friendly shopping experiences for consumers. It is also crucial that the checkout process be as quick and easy as possible; statistics show 41% of buyers don’t complete a purchase on a mobile device because they feel it is too difficult to enter credit card information, and 47% give up because they deem the checkout process too long (Harris Interactive, 2014). This contrasts significantly with general online shopping cart abandonment figures which only attribute 20% of abandonments to this cause.

Responsive web design isn’t a trend anymore, it’s a MUST. Being able to offer your customers a user-friendly, optimised experience regardless of device type means your business will expand the reach of its services and increase customer engagement.

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