Leverage Your Existing Customer Base With Inzant’s Up-Sell Features


Most businesses will focus a great deal of time and effort on acquiring new customers. However, “repeat customers consume 67%, exceeding new consumers, and 50% more than first time buyers” (Rank Outreach, 2018). Therefore, your enterprise has the potential to boost revenue simply by harnessing its existing customer base. Organisations that do this well will see an increase in retention rates, sales and customer satisfaction.

By utilising an effective sales system such as Inzant, reps have advantageous upselling tools at their fingertips, which they can use to maximise each and every sale. Crucial features of the Inzant system include:

Business Intelligence (BI) Top 50 Products

Inzant’s BI reporting system contains a list of up-to-date, top 50 selling products for any given company. Reps can use this knowledge to promote certain items and encourage repeat customers to purchase the right product. 

The BI top 50 also allows reps to highlight proven sellers the buyer is not currently stocking. This is useful information for both parties, and puts the onus on the customer to purchase successful products.

Product Groups

Inzant allows your business to group items under labels such as “is new”, “is featured” and “is merchandising”. These categories make it easy for reps to find products, and companies can customise these for special offers such as “Mother’s Day specials” or “gluten-free products”. These specific headings focus the attention of customers and influences how and what they buy.

Product Images

Instead of focussing solely on price, Inzant improves the quality of each and every sales presentation. Each product allows for five images, two PDFs and a video link; this showcases an item in its best light, and diverts attention from the monetary aspect.

Having such a high level of digital content allows sales reps to generate dynamic, on-the-go sales presentations (even mid order) based on customer requests and enquiries. These effective sales tools will ensure a smooth business transaction and reduce disorganisation.

Advanced Pricing & Discounting

By implementing ‘break point pricing’ features, customers are more likely to adhere to the, “the more you buy, the more you save” sales technique.

Campaign Usage

Campaigns can be easily built by office staff and are perfect for package deals. There is an ‘add’ button which will place all products from a given campaign page to a buyer’s order. If you’re selling a stand of items, one click of a button sees all of these added (in the correct quantities) to the order. By doing this in one go, the buyer has less time to second-guess their buying choice.

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