New Inzant Sales Features 6.1 Update.


New Inzant Sales Features 6.1 Update.

Inzant Sales Features are being released at an unprecedented rate, with the release of the Inzant E-Commerce Website offering additional features are being released to enhance user experience with both the iPad App and the Websites.

As Inzant Sales features continue to expand we have made some changes to where existing features are found in the web client.

Utilities has now been separated into two widgets Utilities and Settings


  • Company
  • Product Categories
  • Product Category Tree
  • Retailer Grade
  • Retail Chain
  • Retailer Type
  • Retailer Contact Type
  • Supplier Chain
  • Sales Territory


  • File Uploader
  • Import Sales Orders
  • Retailer Merge
  • Users


Adding New Contacts to a Retailer

Inzant now has the ability to Store Unlimited Contacts against a retailer storing information such as name, phone numbers and email and select a check box if they are to receive marketing emails and /or phone calls.

Assigning a Username and Password for Customers for Inzant Sales Website users.

This can now be done directly from the iPad app by selecting website access on the General Page under Retailer Details.

Also from the Web client; From the Retailers Screen Select the Shopping Cart Icon follow the following steps:


  1. Add the Email address of the user
  2. Add the starting user name and password- the user will be prompted to change password on first log in
  3. Check the “Has Web Access” box
  4.  Save

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