New Year; New Goals!


For our first blog of the New Year it is a great opportunity to discuss with our customers and followers some of the exciting things that we have to look forward to 2017.

Throughout the first half of 2017 the Inzant Marketing team are going to be hard at work increasing Inzant’s public presence through social media, blogs and publications.  While our development team have been hard at work finalising our development Roadmap for this year; with many new exciting features to add to our product offering.  Watch This Space!

February and August will also prove to be a busy times this year with many of our customers attending the Reeds Gift Fair in both Melbourne and Sydney.  An Inzant representative will be attending the Sydney fair to gain valuable insight on the various ways our customers use Inzant Sales during the fair and offer any customer assistance required.  Please do not hesitate to contact Inzant if you have any tradeshow related queries.

Throughout the year Inzant will be promoting the new features coming to the ever expanding feature list of Inzant Websites, as more and more customers are drawn to the One stop solution were are better able to understand customer needs and improve the website features and user experience.  A new and highly sophisticated product search is on its way, as well as the inclusion of Approved Product Lists and the ability to create multiple favourites lists.

Customer satisfaction will also be on our radar as we improve and expand access to our current training and help documentation as well as streamlining and improving Inzant support protocols.  Customer Feedback and suggestions for improvement is highly encouraged and appreciated.

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