Sell in Style with Inzant's Image & Catalogue Campaign Features


An Inzant sales system comes with various upsell features, many of which aim to influence customers to buy entire lines of products for stands and shelves. For example, Inzant’s Catalogue & Image Campaigns (on the iPad) markedly help sales reps secure fruitful transactions. These order modes aid the process in a number of ways:

Small and/or large campaigns built according to time and availability

For businesses struggling for time but needing to showcase new products quickly and in an orderly fashion, Inzant’s Image Campaigns are the way to go. For those who are selling a vast array of products (for example in the fashion industry- pictured below), this feature allows managers/reps to speedily build professional, easy-to-use sales campaigns.

On the other hand, those with more time on their hands can build Catalogue Campaigns. These include benefits such as product descriptions, customised discounts and bonuses

Attractive/dynamic PDF catalogues

As per the examples below, businesses can showcase their products using high quality pictures, with catalogue campaigns accompanied by both descriptions and prices. Additionally, these PDF catalogues can be printed from the iPad, emailed to the prospective buyer and/or bookmarked for later use and referral. Everything is tidy, professional and easily accessible, making for a smooth, customer-friendly transaction.  


Upsell/cross-sell features

With the click of a button, reps can automatically add entire lines and recommended quantities into the order while using a catalogue campaign. Known as pre-packs and parcel buys, this feature makes it easier for reps to sell more to their clients. The catalogue campaign order mode is designed to divert the buyer’s attention from pricing and onto the benefits and features of products. For example, as seen below, the spin screen offers customers one view (of stock) and reps another (of the pricing/order section). Time spent second guessing is drastically reduced.  

Additionally, the quicker lines are added to an order, the more time the rep has to showcase other items and cross-sell from different ranges.

“A Huthwaite Global Survey found that 70% of individuals with a company-issued tablet hit their sales target in a given period versus only 62% of sales reps overall…They shift the experience from ‘presenting information’ to ‘engaging and driving discussion'” (, 2017). It’s clear the emphasis on storytelling, combined with the use of digital features (such as Inzant’s Catalogue & Image Campaigns) is the future of selling; at the same time it is greatly improving the bond between seller and buyer.

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