Sell smarter with Inzant Sales


Each client is different and any good sales rep knows you have to be aware of the differences between clients, in order to maximise each sale. Some clients prefer to buy from a picture catalogue and some like to duplicate previous orders and not mess about with a pitch. Inzant sales has developed multiple methods to take orders that will cater to every client.

Reps can take orders via barcode scanner, PDF campaigns, and dynamic individual images, stock count ordering or duplicate previous orders. This variety allows your reps to better showcase your products. The Inzant sales smart design is all about maximising your sale while keeping the client happy and excited about the purchase.

By getting to know your client you can better understand the sales methods that work for them. When your clients feel happy they will be more likely to spend money with you, take the stress out of a sales call by making the experience easy. Inzant sales is easy to navigate this allows reps to quickly put together an order from various methods they can combine previous orders with PDF campaign selling as well as dynamic individual images the possibilities are endless. 

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