Simplifying the Sales Process


It should go without saying- utilising a straightforward, transparent business model will lead to more sales and happier customers. Unfortunately, many companies are still practicing outdated sales methods and wondering why the result is no good. For businesses in the B2B sector especially, having a modern, easy-to-use and easy to understand sales system is vital. A comprehensive system like Inzant's, for example, simplifies the sales process in the following ways:

Mobile sales app = sales processed quicker and time is saved

The Inzant Sales Plus App is a revolutionary item in the business world. Not only does it look sleek and sophisticated, it gives reps access to their customers' order history, allowing them to predict buying patterns, up-sell and promote new products.

Physically, it is much easier to navigate than the huge product books and order forms many reps still carry around. This streamlined process is much more professional and time is not wasted on locating specific pages, forms or details.

Additionally, a mobile sales system holds as many digital product catalogues as a business needs, with HD images and dynamic formats all located within the one tablet/smart phone.

When processing sales, it is an instant process. Reps are no longer required to return to their hotel rooms late at night and upload orders to Excel and send them off to the right personnel. With a mobile sales app, orders are uploaded instantaneously and the possibility of order error is greatly reduced.

Integrating your core business systems = uncomplicated, quick sales process

By incorporating a platform like Inzant into your business, you will automate your sales processes and never manually enter an order again! Some of the useful features of an Inzant system include:

- cost effective, “out of the box” integration solutions that enable you to automate the flow of product, customer, contact, order, invoice & advanced pricing information between Inzant & your other business systems.
- access to Inzant API which you can use to build your own bespoke integration; and
- an extensive list of integration partners such as Netsuite, Xero, Myob, QuickBooks Online, etc.

By integrating your systems, uploading orders is much quicker and there is less chance of error between different levels of the supply chain.

Complementary eCommerce platforms = easy way for customers to order more from your business

Inzant's cutting edge eCommerce web platforms are perfect for businesses in the B2B sector. From one single site, companies can sell to wholesale audiences and retail customers, with customisable pricing available. These websites can also be integrated easily with an Inzant system, unifying all levels of the supply chain. Customers are given even more opportunity to buy from your store and there is no wait time- online sites run 24/7/365! It's a win-win situation.

By completely streamlining the sales process and giving customers access to your products in a much more friendly format, your client relations will improve and the chance of hitting high sales targets will skyrocket.

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