The Inzant Sales Admin experience of the future


The Inzant development & design team have been working like Trojans over the past few months to bring you the brand new Inzant Sales Admin interface. Released in late August, this new experience forms the backbone of the updated administrative user interface and contains some great new features.

The big ticket items in this release centre on the fully self-service user, role, and license management. Some great little features that will affect your everyday use of the system include:

- A simple, secure two factor password reset process for all users;

- Subscription notifications on both the dashboard & users screen to ensure your licensing is appropriate;

- Column visibility in the standard search screens (i.e. being able to swap between system info and contact info on the user search screen);

- Turn your standard search screens into basic reporting screens - easily Print, Copy or Export your search results screen at the click of a button – exporting supports PDF, Excel or CSV. This is in addition to all the existing standard reporting & business intelligence reporting you already have!

- Brand new “Quick Actions” & “Apps” menu links allow you to easily jump into common system functions faster;

- The totally responsive design will work seamlessly across all devices, including phone, tablet and desktops; and

- A collapsible sidebar for additional space when working on larger information sets (or if you just prefer to have it out of the way).

+ loads more features!

Over the coming months and into next year we’ll be releasing additional functionality into the interface, and you can expect some great improvements along the way.

We’ve coupled this release with plenty of new help guides on navigation and usability of the new system; if you’re an Inzant Sales admin user please visit the support site help centre and make sure you are making the most of the new interface.

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