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At Inzant the goal has always been to be provide a seamless user experience for your customers between how their orders are taken by their Sales Representative through the Inzant Sales iPad App and when they choose to order themselves via an Inzant E-Commerce website. We believes this has been achieved and are thrilled to announce the latest Website Feature updates to their Clients. 


Previous Order Shop Mode

The previous order shop mode will only display items that the customer has ordered in the past from your business. Negating the need to create a new shopping list and manually re-adding every item to their cart if they can simply select the previous order screen, which will allow super-fast online reordering for your customers. Greatly enhancing the user experience for your customers, making an easy and pleasant ordering experience that will keep them coming back again and again. 

Favourites Shop Mode

Favourites shop is one of the most flexible shop modes available. it can be used as a “Favourites”/”Wish List”/”Pantry List” ordering mode for your account customers.  This mode also allows the user to change the order the products appear on their list – so they can perform their orders on a mobile device as they walk around their store.  The purpose of generating this list is to create an organised “order template” for the user, by the user.

These new Features Offered by Inzant Websites will take level the of sophistication of your online ordering to new heights whilst still maintaining an ease of usability and flexibility for your customers, ensuring that your business and staff are seen as pioneers and leaders in the Sales industry that will your competition scrambling to replicate.

Allocation of Surcharges

System administrators now have the ability to apply a content managed surcharge fee to all transactions, these can be configured different for account and public customers.  This new feature means that if your financial institution are charging you fees for you online transactions, these cost can now be passed on.

Integration with AusPOST

The site can now integrate with AusPost to determine shipping costs based on weight/volume and location of the shipping destination, customers can also select “Standard” and “Express” shipping options. The shipping costs will then be added to the customer’s order on the “Checkout” page.


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