Why Mobile CRM Is Vital To Your Success


The year is 2018- you’re a sales rep who still utilises heavy binders and catalogues to showcase products to customers. You’ve forgotten your client’s name (Billy or Barney?), and his previous order sheet has been left in the office accidentally. The page you’re trying to find in your two kilogram information booklet is eluding you; its dog-eared corners have become even more dog-eared. Out of the corner of your eye, Billy/Barney is yawning. You know the probability of a good sale is waning. In your mind, you visualise the effective office-based CRM system you use, willing it to appear in your hour of need.

It doesn’t.

The customer is frustrated and becoming impatient.

A bead of sweat rolls down your forehead, a tumble weed rolls by.

Does this B2B sales nightmare sound familiar? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Office-based CRM systems are fantastic, but that’s the problem. They’re office-based. When reps are on the road, it is essential that they have the right information at the right time; it can be the difference between closing and losing the sale, as well as a repeat customer. The solution to this age-old problem is a mobile CRM system, which is a proven way to “boost your revenue…help your reps up-sell and promote new products”. Below, Inzant has outlined the Top 5 Benefits of Mobile CRM, and how you can bring your company into the 21st century:

Fast access to any and all information

Large booklets and catalogues are no longer viable when mobile CRM systems exist. Now, everything can be accessed via a mobile or tablet, such as customer/business contact details, past orders, queries, questions or sales and ordering information. With mobile CRM systems such as the Inzant Sales Plus Mobile Ordering App, you are capable of accessing anything and everything at any time (as well as offline), reducing B2B and B2C selling time and miscommunications between parties.

Increase in sales

Flipping through large binders and filling out paper order sheets acts as a hindrance to the sales process. However, a streamlined, digital approach to the selling procedure cuts out unnecessary steps and increases financial return. According to research conducted by Innoppl Technologies, 65% of sales reps employed by companies utilising mobile CRM have achieved their sales quotas as opposed to the 22% of reps whose employers are not utilising this technology (CRM Next, 2014).

Enhances productivity of field staff

With vast amounts of paperwork and double handling of data out of the picture, sales reps can access and utilise all their information on a single, easy-to-use platform. As the mobile CRM system holds information about absolutely everything (from past sales, new items, customer details and more), there’s no back-and-forth between mediums occurring and orders can be submitted instantaneously at the touch of a button. This leaves those on the road with more time to follow up leads and finalise additional sales.

Environmentally friendly method

Zero paperwork for reps and clients is also a huge winner for the environment. Less paper, the elimination of duplicate data and the adoption of a green sales method can only be a change for the better!

Analytics & Tracking ROI

Inzant’s Power Business Intelligence (BI) Mobile application gives users all the tools to collate sales data and understand their target buyers’ patterns and preferences. This empowers users of mobile CRM to better forecast customer requirements and tailor an effective sales approach. These results can be shared instantly with other organisation members and data can be exported to Excel without issue. Additionally, employers and sales reps are always aware of their sales stats and can track their progress in real time.

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