Your Business Does Not Need Two Websites For B2B & B2C Clientele


Many businesses utilise two different websites- one for B2B and one for B2C. Having two separate platforms may seem like the only viable option, but there’s definitely an easier, more productive, and cheaper way of doing things. For example, Inzant creates websites for its users that are aimed at the general public, but the page also comes with a designated login for your business customers. By doing so, everything is located within the one easy-to-use and monitor platform, streamlining the entire process for consumers and companies alike.

This method of running a B2B and B2C online business simultaneously works well for both large corporations and smaller type start-ups. The one web page is aimed at multiple audiences, but utilises alternate business fronts and pricing models to suit the intended buyer. The benefits of Inzant’s dual action website are advantageous to the page host in many ways:

Sales reps become sales professionals again

Sales reps are supposed to be upselling, cross-selling and strengthening buyer-seller relationships during their working days. However, many are simply meeting clients to take and process orders, without so much as even mentioning new, exciting products. With the advent of B2B platforms, consumers are able to order their refills and basic items online, saving time and increasing productivity. However, this also means sales reps are free to do what they do best: sell! Visits can now be aimed at spruiking new items and identifying better sales opportunities for the customer. The sales rep is once again a sales gun/professional/expert, helping the business increase revenue and customer loyalty.

Access to previous order history

Customers can save time and log in to view their complete transaction history and sales invoices. If they ever need to reorder something, this can be easily done with the click of a button. For example, logged in customers can build “pantry lists”, allowing them to reorder whenever they need to. If say, a café owner knows they have a set Wednesday order they make every week for food services or coffee cups, they can easily process this set “pantry list” without having to add to their cart every time. Inzant also provides an automatically generated “People Also Bought”, “Related Products” & “Best Sellers” upsell zones, which urge B2B and B2C users alike to add extras to their carts and spend a bit more than intended.

Various pricing structures in the one location

Through a specialised login, your wholesale customers can enjoy the appropriate price lists and discounts. Alternatively, new retail customers from all over the world can view and order through a public-facing web store. “B2C pricing is consistently very straightforward, clear, and upfront. Costs do not differ from consumer to consumer, unless someone has a discount code… B2B websites have distinct plans and various options for different types of companies, catering for a large array of sizes and industries” (Usability Geek, 2016). Similarly to a face-to-face transaction, your company is still able to set the prices and offer certain deals and specials. This will make the option of buying online even more appealing to businesses.

Reach more customers anytime, anywhere

Websites are not restricted by space or time. If a consumer is ever in need of some last minute items or wants to reorder a best seller ASAP, they are able to do so. Additionally, implementing an Inzant site means you have a salesperson available for your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Leverage Existing integration to minimise management overheads

The time-consuming components of managing an e-commerce website are ensuring the website content is always correct/aesthetically pleasing, and data entry (concerning order and customer management). Combining both your B2B and B2C sales requirements into a single website that runs on the Inzant platform ensures that all of your product, customer, order, image, etc. information is easily managed in a single admin point. Additionally, order and customer management becomes a breeze with ERP/account package integration, completely removing any data entry requirements by your admin teams.

Selling to wholesale and retail customers from a single site gives your business the opportunity to tap into entirely new markets, through both the public domain and the secondary ordering location provided to existing customers. Financially it is a very advantageous way to operate, and it streamlines the management of sales, content and support services.

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