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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I only have a small Sales Team, can I still use your Mobile Sales Solution?

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    Yes! With Inzant Sales 3 tier pricing structure and paying on a per user basis, Inzant Sales is completly flexible; perfect for buisinesses of any size or industry.

  • Which Inzant Sales Product Tier is Right for my Business?

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    Our Professional tier is in place for businessess who need a simple ordering system. Pro Plus is designed for businesses that want their sales teams to do more then just take orders. With Task and CRM capability the Pro Plus tier is excellent for managers to ensure their sales team is making the most out of each call. Enterprise is designed for companies who require a more sophisticated and custom built sales solution.

  • Can I have a trial of the system?

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    Trials are not generally part of the Inzant Sales Software Subscriptions framework. However trials can be requested on a case by case basis. For more information regarding trials please CONTACT US.

  • What device is Inzant Sales available on?

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    Inzant Sales in an IOS (Apple) application designed for the iPad. Having one type of operating system allows Inzant to better support customers and ensures a more stable product.

  • Can I use Inzant Sales on a Smartphone?

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    Inzant Sales in an IOS (Apple) application designed for the iPad. However there are simplified versions of Inzant Sales that can be used on an iPhone CONTACT US for more information.

  • How do I Report on my Sales?

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    Inzant has comprehensive online reporting (in excess of 1400 reports) available. As well as user Geo tracking in addition with custom report development.  Inzant also works seamlessly with Microsoft BI Reporting, LEARN MORE.