Call Cycle Planning Increases Organisation, Productivity & Revenue


Sales reps spend a lot of time on the road visiting clients. Whilst this is a great way to ensure that you retain a great relationship with the customer, a rep who is unprepared for a meeting can easily miss many financially advantageous opportunities in the process.

To help sales teams remain effective and organised, employers should utilise applications such as call cycle planning. Failure to implement a method of assisting reps to manage their call cycles can often mean:

- The best opportunities both time-wise and monetarily are not identified or targeted;

- Prospective customers get little value from their interactions with sales reps and the productivity of both parties is negatively affected; and

- The sales process is generic, lacking in personalised offers, pricing and professionalism (Complexica, 2018).

Inzant has developed totally integrated call cycle planning within the Inzant Sales system to maximise efficiency, increase profits and improve employee and customer satisfaction. This effective business tool contributes to a seamless sales process in the following ways:

Your sales team can focus on what they do best- selling!

“79% of business buyers say it’s absolutely critical or very important to interact with a salesperson who is a trusted advisor — not just a sales rep — who adds value to their business. Customers demand smarter sales experiences, and they want sales reps who are personal consultants that help them address their challenges instead of treating them like another lead in the pipe” (Salesforce, 2017).

With call cycle planning, reps have an early understanding of who they’re seeing, what their problems are (if any), their previous order history and personal details. This knowledge equips the salesperson with the tools he/she needs to foster a strong relationship with the buyer, and they’re able to focus on selling, upselling and cross-selling, rather than mundane details and repetitive questions.

Save time while increasing productivity. 

“Through a well-thought out territory management plan [that incorporates call cycle planning], you can ensure that you are maximising the efficiency of your field reps’ client visits. Good territory management practices will not only save you time, but it should improve your field reps’ coverage, build deeper relationships between clients and field reps, and add revenue…By decreasing travel time and other transportation expenses, each visit will cost you less” (Repsly, 2014).

With call cycle planning, your business can set up and organise the sales calls of its reps, and the turn-by-turn navigation feature makes it even easier to get from place to place. Coupled with Inzant’s mobile CRM, employees can be placed where needed and managers can adjust their days according to figures, sales/travel times and statistics.

Management teams have a much better understanding of their sales/sales teams.

“If performance expectations (goals) are clearly set and communicated to employees, everyone will work towards a target or goal. People who have a clear target have much higher motivation to perform to their full potential and derive job satisfaction than those who are performing just their routine activities” (Synergita, 2013).

If sales reps are given straight forward directions and targets for their day or week, they will be able to divide their time and prepare for their calls much more efficiently. Managers will also be able to better understand their teams, their reps’ shortcomings, where improvements can be made and where more support is needed. This ensures maximum productivity and creates a much clearer sales landscape.

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