Case Study - Chempharm


Summary of Chempharm:


Chempharm supplies pharmacies with wholesale front-of-counter goods. They handle everything from confectionary items to infant and toddler products, mobility aids and more.


Company Director Farren Ostilly was kind enough to sit down with us to discuss Inzant and the impact our system has had on his business. Farren has been a client of ours for over eight years now, and we’ve got to know him quite well.

The Problem: 


Before Chemfarm used Inzant, everyone in the business had to manually place orders and present the products they offered with a giant folder. On top of this, the fulfilment process for these orders couldn’t begin until the rep returned to HQ and manually lodged the order. 


There was no doubt that the business was successful, but it took a lot of hard work and manual paperwork to keep the ball rolling. One day Farren noticed that one of their competitors - who they were buying certain products from at the time - was using an iPad to place orders. 


Farren asked the rep about the iPad and how it was working for their business. At the time, the rep had only just moved over to the app so there wasn’t too much to report on. Eight weeks later, the same rep was back and Farren asked for an update on how the iPad system was working. 


Instantly, the rep mentioned that Inzant had been a game-changer for their business, saving them hours of paperwork. Farren could see that manually handling orders, sales and fulfilment was quickly becoming a burden on the business - especially now that their competitors were operating more efficiently. 

How Inzant provided the solution: 


Farren got our details from the competitor’s rep and called in to learn more. He quickly saw the value our App provides and transitioned his entire operating system into Inzant. The transition was simple. Over the period of a few weeks, Chempharm adjusted their workflow to work with the App. 


Their sales reps were able to throw away the giant folders they hauled around with them to present their stock. Instead, they now used a sleek iPad to present their products to customers. 


From here, the sales reps were able to instantly place an order, allowing the fulfilment process to immediately begin back in the warehouse. At the same time, sales reps were able to track inventory to make sure they could fulfil every order they placed within the timeframe they promised. 


Chempharm’s sales process now integrates with their accounting and analytical software, so Farren was able to spend more time working on the business, rather than grinding away in it!


How Inzant enables Chempharm to operate at maximum productivity: 


A key point that Farren regularly mentioned throughout the interview was how the entire business benefited from the App. 


The sales reps were now able to place larger orders - more often - as they could see the amount of stock on hand for any given product. Having the orders placed instantly increased cash flow into the business, and ensured that Chempharm continually turned over their stock. 


Fulfilment back in the warehouse was also streamlined, with a drastic reduction in mistaken orders and a faster fulfilment and delivery process. 


Keynotes from Chempharm’s CEO Farren Ostilly: 


Throughout the interview, Farren mentioned that his reps now let the people behind the front desk do the ordering themselves! Instead, the reps now socialise and build further rapport with the key stakeholders of the business they’re visiting. 


However, the most important take-away from the interview was when we asked Farren to summarise why he implemented Inzant into his business to begin with. His answer was simple. “I got it for myself”


By setting up his business around Inzant’s app, Farren was able to free up hours of his time that was previously spent on tedious paperwork. For sure, the app helped his reps make more sales, but at the end of the day, getting back hours of time throughout each week was Farren’s biggest takeaway. 


Lastly, Farren also touched on a point that’s important to highlight. He mentioned that without software such as Inzant, a business simply couldn’t compete the old fashion way. The opportunity cost of operating in wholesales and lodging sales manually, without the ability to present anywhere/anytime makes it almost impossible for a business to compete in the wholesale industry. 



A big thanks goes out to our long-time client Farren. We appreciate him taking the time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us and talk about Inzant and how it’s impacted his business. 


We look forward to working and growing with Farren for many more years to come!


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