Five ways a sales rep app will help your team sell more efficiently.


Maintaining consistent cash flow is vital for wholesale businesses. Sales reps need all the support they can get, and giving your reps a tool that will help them manage their workflow in one place is a great place to start. 


For context, we’re talking about Inzant’s App - we offer an iPad app that centralises every aspect of your sales reps workflow. 


Now, the point here isn’t to plug our product. The point is to illustrate why safeguarding your business against a tricky economic period ahead, begins with a well-designed sales rep app that increases productivity. 


In our last post, we discussed the clear-cut benefits that come from using a sales rep app in favour of the traditional paper sales system. If you still need convincing around the idea of transitioning away from a manual sales system, maybe that article here is a great place to start. 


We won’t beat around the bush. The five benefits are…


  1. Reps can make sales anywhere, anytime

  2. Paperwork is reduced in your business

  3. Your entire product range is presented beautifully and easy to search through

  4. A solid sales rep app will integrate with your back-office software

  5. Your reps CRM will work for your reps, not against them


If you want a more detailed rationale and analysis of each benefit, then read on. Otherwise, feel free to contact us here for more information on how Inzant can work with your business. 


Sales on the go: 


Firstly, a sales rep app such as Inzant’s empowers your reps to make sales anywhere, anytime. By having every product on offer, all the information around stock availability and even the ability to make orders in one place, your reps can approach any client meeting with full confidence. 


No paperwork: 


Secondly, digitising your sales process comes with the massive benefit of wiping out the majority of paperwork in your business. Your reps will be free from hours of paperwork each week, and on top of this, you won’t need to fork out so much on stationery and paperwork each week. It’s a true case of saving money and time. 


Digital catalogue:


Of all our clients that use our app, by far the main benefit we keep hearing about is having every single product available with a few taps of the screen. Gone are the days of sales reps hauling around oversized files, then tediously searching an index for a certain product. 


Some of Inzant’s users have thousands of products available and having every single one neatly categorized and searchable is a huge time-saver. Another benefit of the digital catalogue is clients being able to find new products that are useful to them, that they otherwise never would have found in a massive file. 


Integration with back-office software: 


For the business leaders out there, this one is for you. A good sales rep app such as Inzant’s will integrate with your key back-office software. By this, we mean every order linking with your MYOB account, XERO account or another accounting platform. Also, this can mean your fulfilment software such as Dear Inventory or an external CRM or Reporting platform like PowerBI.


A well organised CRM: 


Lastly, an easy to use CRM is incorporated within the app. Not only can your sales reps display stock and place orders, but they can also organise their days for success. Our CRM allows your reps to book in meetings or calls that will best suit each client, ensuring they service clients at times when they need your products the most. 


This also means that none of your clients will get missed. Lastly, your reps can organise their day by the location of each client, saving them time on the road and petrol. 




The benefits of empowering your sales reps with a tool that handles their entire workflow in one place are clear. Not only will you give them the ability to make more sales, but above all, you’ll drive productivity in your business and save hours each week. 


If Inzant is a tool that would be useful within your wholesale business, then feel free to reach out to us here for a free call to discuss how Inzant would work in your business specifically. 


Lately, due to the implications of COVID-19, we’ve also been helping wholesale businesses by building them robust eCommerce stores and custom client order portals. If this sounds like something your business needs, then feel free to reach out here too. 


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