How a sales rep app will make you sell more efficiently


Are you currently working in wholesale sales? If so, do you have an all-inclusive tool that lets you manage everything from online orders to fulfilment and even your CRM?

Or, you might have a sales app that does some of these functions, but not all of them? Perhaps you have the software handy, but it’s not really worth your time and the program itself creates more hassles then it saves time? 

In this article, we’re here to detail what every good wholesale sales rep app should do. The idea is to give you a feel of what the industry standard is so you can determine whether or not you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of making a sale. 

Mobile sales

Firstly, your sales rep app should allow you to make sales on the go with the use of an iPad. Gone are the days of bulky product booklets, and manual ordering. Your sales rep software should give you the ability to meet a client, display your products with ease, and make the order on the spot. This leads us to order fulfilment.

Order fulfilment

Not only should your sales rep app make an order on the spot, but it should integrate with your system back at the warehouse, ensuring fulfilment is made quickly as possible. For the managers and owners, the app should also integrate with your accounting software to minimise your bookwork. Happy days...

Wholesale rep CRM 

Next is your CRM. Often a sales rep has their CRM separate to their overall sales rep app. For sure there are great CRM options available, but if it can all be done in the one place then you’ll be able to manage your workflow with simplicity. Less bouncing around between apps, better tracking, and less subscription fees for the owners out there, nice!

Having your CRM tied in with your sales rep app software makes life easy. Having all your clients and their details such as last orders, or even notes you made for yourself makes all the difference in your sales output. 

A few more important things…

Your sales rep app should be your mother tool. On top of what we’ve mentioned here, features such as B.I reporting, merchandising and integration with well-known productivity apps and accounting software is what you should be expecting as a minimum. 

What if we told you we know someone…

Secretly we’ve been talking about ourself here. We provide everything mentioned above here for people in wholesale sales. On top of this, we offer our clients custom web portals so their clients can sign in and make sales themselves, and custom eCommerce and app solutions that help wholesale businesses grow. 

Now is a great time of the year - anytime is great though - to consider changing your sales rep software, or to upgrade to a better system. You could be starting off 2020 with a bang, knowing that you have the best sales rep software on your side. Knowing that you have a tool that will make your life in sales easier might just make Christmas lunch taste that little bit better… 

Are you a wholesale business looking to grow?

At Inzant, we provide wholesale professionals with a tool that saves time and generates sales. Our easy to use iPad app is changing the game for our clients, and if you would like to learn more about what we do, simply get in touch for a free demo.

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