How to optimise your CRM and why it matters


CRM & why it matters. 


In 2020, most businesses in the wholesale industry utilise a customer relationship management (CRM) program to streamline their workflow, maintain sales and understand their customers. 


However, simply ticking the box of having a CRM isn’t enough. The strength of buy-in from employees to a businesses CRM tech can have a massive influence on its success.


A CRM is either something that’s done out of necessity - it’s in the way - or it’s a businesses guiding light, building wealth and in-depth relationships with customers. 


Which side of the fence does your business land on? If your CRM system could be better managed, then there might be a few insights ahead for you. If you’re happy with your current CRM system, maybe there’s a few ideas for further productivity ahead. 


As always, we write these blogs to help people in wholesale sales and particularly our current clients. If you have any feedback on our tips, or if you have some insights of your own to share, feel free to post them in the comments below. 


Ease of integration & use in determining CRM success. 


People in sales are often busy, and worried about their next sale. With this in mind, it’s important that any CRM tech in place works with them, not against them. 


Any good CRM system is in place to help staff grow the business. It’s not a tracking tool for micro-management that requires staff to tediously input data and information that’s not relevant to their direct success. 


How a CRM integrates with the workflow of the people using it will determine its impact on the business. Integration with order fulfilment and an ability to demonstrate which customers to contact and when is an example of CRM that works with employees. 


For sure, every CRM will involve manual data entry at some point. However, actively minimising the amount of manual data entry involved, while automating workflow is an absolute priority when considering the strength and impact your CRM needs to have on your business goals.


Often a clear viewing of who to call and when, along with a few handy bits of information from the last interaction with a client is all that’s needed for a CRM to be successful.


Taking action on numbers & data


A great CRM provides you with actionable insights based on numbers and data. This is important because as a business, you can step away from important decisions that are based on emotion and make rational decisions based on clear-cut numbers. 


This might mean knowing that a certain customer would benefit from placing a larger order based on their high order frequency. Or, it might even highlight customers that have been severely under prioritised based on their location. 


Any good CRM system will present the important numbers to you live with simplicity. Are you capitalizing on the rich data your CRM can provide? 




Lastly, solid CRM tech provides the most productive workflow to all employees. This means that salespeople can follow the right leads at the right time. It also means that employees can reach out to existing customers when they’re needed the most, strengthening the relationship. 


When everyone within an organisation is carrying out their day with a conscientious effort for productivity, a company's growth and success compounds quickly. 


As we mentioned earlier, often solid CRM tech integrates with a number of other important functions of a salesperson's day-to-day tasks. When a CRM links with order fulfilment, and even presenting stock, it becomes a salesperson's dashboard for success. 


A CRM that helps people at an individual level will always foster more buy-in across the board. 




How do you see the success of your own CRM system after reading this article? Is it integrating with a number of other important but often tedious tasks? Does your CRM tech regularly provide you with valuable insights based on real numbers? And lastly, does your CRM tech dictate your workflow so it’s always productive and simple to manage? 


Everyone’s answer to these questions will vary, however, continually assessing your CRM tech’s ability to drive success in your business is vital. 


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