If You’re not Integrated, You’re Isolated.


Integration is the act of bringing together smaller components into a single system that functions as one. So in an IT context what are we actually talking about here?


Integration refers to the end result of a process that aims to stitch together different systems so that the data contained in each becomes part of a larger, more comprehensive system. In the past this often required that companies build a customized structure of applications to combine new or existing hardware, software and other programmes.


At Inzant we specialise in integrating existing business systems (e.g. Accounting Software) with our specialist eCommerce Solutions.  Eliminating manual sales and customer data entry allowing you to redirect redirecting resources to revenue raising activities.


This is a very exciting time for business, but even more so for small to medium business, this type of enterprise level software is now becoming more accessible as businesses realise that they do not need to be a huge multinational to integrate. Making the decision to integrate is going to provide a rapid improvement in business systems, processes and their bottom line.


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