Seamless integration between MYOB AccountRight and online sales


The rapid development of the coronavirus has caused devastating effects on our economy nation-wide - there are no two ways about it. Our thoughts here at Inzant are with everyone in business that’s doing it tough or lost their jobs. We’re all in this together. 


However, in these uncertain and extremely unique times, it’s important that we continue to look forward and adapt. 


We’ve put together this article to help a very niche circle of businesses within the wholesale industry. At Inzant, we’ve seen that our clients that are currently using MYOB AccountRight for their bookkeeping have been able to adapt to the current conditions with great success. 


Why MYOB AccountRight


Firstly, if you use an accounting program that’s not MYOB AccountRight, it’s okay! The reason we have focused on MYOB AccountRight in this article is because of the recent and very relevant events that have transpired here at Inzant. 


A rapid change in our clients business models has seen them reach out to us to further utilise the existing online sales capabilities that are built into our app. 


For reference, if you’re not a client of ours - Inzant is a mobile sales app for reps in the wholesale industry. Within the platform, reps can handle online sales, mobile sales, and clients can importantly make their own orders through their very own online portal. Every move your reps makes also integrates with your accounting and bookkeeping software streamlining all paperwork. 


Most of our clients were in-person based businesses, with reps on the road meeting clients face-to-face. Within a few short weeks, we have been able to rapidly digitise their business model, allowing our clients to facilitate online orders that automatically integrate with MYOB AccountRight. 


Everything step of the sales cycle is now online. And this is how your business needs to operate if it’s going to survive the next six month period, it’s the reality of the wholesale industry moving forward. 


Your next steps are Vital


We’ve put pen to paper, well, finger to keyboard, to help any wholesale business out there that’s using MYOB AccountRight so they can not only survive, but thrive.


Many of our clients are supplying essential products to pharmacies and businesses in other industries that are vital pillars in our now shakey economy. 


It’s our duty as businesses owners to adapt to the new landscape, making sure we not only keep the supply of vital products moving across Australia, but also keep our reps working so they can support their families throughout this tough time. 


How we can help: 


Firstly, if your wholesale business currently uses another sales platform we can still help you out. In addition to our app, we work with businesses to build custom e-commerce platforms that facilitate both B2B & B2C buying options. 


A trend amongst our clients is being able to reach the B2C market which expands their chances for vital revenue. 


If you’re an existing client of ours, or if you’re open to a new streamlined online sales platform  - that integrates seamlessly with your MYOB AccountRight software - then we’re here to help. 


We can get you operating online fast, giving your reps the chance to work and turn over vital funds for the business. 




It’s been a crazy time for us all lately, and we hope your business is still in full operation, moving essential products across our nation.


We know the specifics of this article might not apply to the broader wholesale community, but even if we can connect with one business that we can help forge onwards then we see that as a success. 


We’re not looking for any financial commitments at this point, we’re simply reaching out to help businesses keep ticking at full-capacity in the wholesale industry. 


If you would like to speak to us, click here to schedule a free online meeting or call. Hopefully, we can pass on a few ideas to help your business in these tough times.

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