Stanton & Treby Sales Enjoys Success With Inzant



The company Stanton & Treby Sales is a small family-owned business operating in the pharmaceutical sales brokerage field. The company was formed to fulfil a niche in the market as the trend of corporate organisations seeking to reduce overheads and employee costs and outsource their field sales operations escalated. In short, we are a sales brokerage service that provide a highly skilled field team and head office team that service retailers in the pharmaceutical and health industry on behalf of brands that do not have the facilities to have their own field team. We have a broad portfolio of brands and clients, and the company has grown to represent both national and international brands.

How did you hear about us?

According to Sue (Inzant, Brand Manager), Chris (Managing Director, Stanton & Treby Sales) had seen another rep from a national brokerage service using Inzant as their order process engine in a pharmacy on the Gold Coast, and pretended to be a rep from another company to see how Inzant worked. The rest is history!

What challenges/problems in your business necessitated a change?  

When Chris & Annemarie (Director, Stanton & Treby Sales) bought the business in 2004, the previous partner used only pencil and paper to process orders and run the business. The first necessary change that Dad made was moving everything to be electronic. Chris quickly changed this to PDA’s which used MYOB as interface, and when iPads soon became the “norm” for sales and CRM, we quickly moved to iPads and engaged with Inzant to be our custom CRM software platform. The overarching problem for us was how slow the sales order process was for PDA’s (these were a means to an end, but we still needed it to be quicker) that is why we wanted a cloud based ordering system that was compatible with our custom EDI interface.

What trends in your industry drove the need to use our product?

Put simply, easy and fast turnaround of orders for our customers. The major pharmaceutical wholesalers and direct suppliers we worked with required that we transmit orders via EDI, which is what we have worked out with Inzant to be able to do.

What made the Inzant solution stand out over others that you researched?  

Once we knew about Inzant we didn’t really research other options. We knew that they could provide us with what we needed, and Neville (Inzant, Managing Director) & Sue were nice people that we knew we could be in business with.

What feature of our product was most appealing?

The fact that we could customise and manipulate Inzant to a point that suited our needs, and that it was Apple compatible.

How did you implement/introduce our solution?

For a while we had to use Inzant just on the iPads for order taking, which would sync to MYOB and then we used MYOB to send orders. At this time our custom EDI software was only able to be used with MYOB. But now Inzant has EDI.

How did our team help with implementation?

Sue, Neville and the team worked with Chris to get Inzant up and running, and assisted us greatly with transferring data over from MYOB; we then got trained on how to use Inzant in basic functions. We still have a lot to learn about how to use Inzant but simply don’t have the time at present!

What was the initial reaction to our product?

It’s easy to use, presents very well and is a great product.

How has our solution helped since implementation?

We are able to take, edit, and process orders faster then ever, which makes for high turnover of sales and in turn, dollars!

Has this solution saved money and/or increased productivity?

It has increased productivity for sure!

What have you been most impressed with?

Professional service from the Inzant team.

Additional comments?

Working with the team at Inzant is always a good experience. We know we can rely on them. I regularly talk with Sue about changes or enhancements we could add into the basic order functions in Inzant and we work together to have a mutually beneficial outcome most of the time. 

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