The cost of paper in your wholesale business


Does your wholesale business still use paper to fulfil orders? If so, this means that your sales process is manual. 


For years, manually handling orders was the norm, and businesses grew and thrived. 


In a manual system, sales reps present the stock out of a folder that contains every product, then writes the order into a sales slip, which is then processed manually into the computer back at HQ. 


It’s a process that’s still followed by many businesses today. Handling the sales process manually doesn’t mean that you’re set up for failure, in fact, many business leaders in the wholesale space still swear by the manual process. 


However, as technology has developed, so has the way in which we can handle our entire sales process. 


Nowadays, the most productive wholesale businesses use a mobile sales system that allows them to present stock, place orders and even handle their CRM all within one easy to use tool. 


If you’re a business operator that’s still using a manual sales method, here’s a business case for implementing a mobile sales platform. 


Time Cost


On average, using a mobile sales platform such as Inzant saves your reps 1 - 2 hours per week. They save this time because they’re not held back by the amount of paperwork that comes with a manual system. 


An extra two hours per week for your rep will mean more sales, and more overall fulfilment in their role knowing that they’re contributing and hopefully meeting their targets. 


In addition, having every product presented neatly within an easy to use iPad app, allows your reps to professionally present stock anywhere, anytime - no more large product files and documents to haul around.


A good mobile sales platform also has the capability to integrate with a number of your existing programs, for example, your accounting software. This means that each sale will be accounted for on your books, saving you hours of tedious paperwork at the end of the day. 


Financial cost


A recent study by Forest Ethics highlighted that as Australians, we consume on average $220 per year of paper individually. If we work in a paper-oriented business, we can expect this figure to be more. 


While this study accounted for domestic paper use as well, we can comfortably assume that the average employee would be using at least $150 per year of paper. That’s being conservative. 


You might assume that a manual system allows you to avoid paying for an online sales platform to begin with. However, your paper and stationery costs will still be substantial. 


Could this spend be better utilised on a mobile sales platform? 


Lastly, a mobile sales platform greatly reduces human error in your business, minimising ordering and accounting mistakes. 


The alternative: 


At Inzant, we provide an easy to use mobile sales system that eliminates paperwork, saves your reps time and optimises your entire sales cycle. 


Based on an iPad, Inzant allows reps to easily present every item you stock, place an order instantly, organise their own CRM, and manage their entire workflow in one place. 


While making more sales is a symptom of using our platform, the most common customer feedback we get is always about how much time the platform saves both reps and business owners. 


Working closely with your business, we make the setup process seamless, teach you how to maximise the benefits of the platform in your business and provide support and guidance whenever it’s needed. 


If you think it’s time for your business to step away from its manual sales process, feel free to reach out to us here for a complimentary call about how we can help you specifically. 


Our aim is to help wholesale businesses grow through streamlining their entire sales process, and we’d love to help you out too. 


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