Why online ordering for sales reps in the Pharmaceutical Industry is vital.


The situation


With the unfortunate outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) putting our pharmacies under immense pressure, it’s important that your reps reach out to all your clients periodically. 


However, with so many pharmacies requiring urgent products, reps across Australia are finding it tough to reach everyone in person, let alone fulfil their orders.


The need for our pharmacies to be well-stocked has never been more important. In this article, we detail how the best reps are using online ordering to handle the sudden increase in demand. 


The solution to reaching every pharmacy 


If you’re an existing client with Inzant, you may already be using the online ordering to handle the increase in demand. 


However, if you’re currently using another system, do you have the capability to take orders with your client over the phone quick and easily which are instantly ready for fulfillment? 


Furthermore, does your client have an online portal that allows them to make orders themself? 


The ability to take orders over the phone, or have your client simply place the order themself is playing a major role in keeping our pharmacies well-stocked, as we all do our best to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus. 


With demand for products such as hand-sanitiser, face masks and general hygiene products through the roof, reps are turning to remote measures to ensure these vital supplies are available to Pharmacies. 


The vital role your reps are playing 


Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, reps generally operated with the mind-set that their role was to ensure consistent orders, revenue and client satisfaction. 


Now, they are crucial to keeping Australia’s pharmacies stocked with vital in-demand products that will help protect consumers from the coronavirus, and minimise it’s spread. 


For sure, it’s a small role in the scheme of things, but nonetheless an important one. We’ve seen wide-spread panic buying across the nation on items such as face masks, hand-sanitizers and tissues, and reps are now a linchpin in ensuring our pharmacies meet the current demand. 


The importance of a well-organised sales system


In times of high-demand, poor systems get found out fast. The output of your reps in the face of the current demand is directly linked to your overall sales system and its efficiency. 


Does your current sales system allow your clients to easily place orders themself? 


Are your reps able to simply call up your clients and place an order for them instantaneously?


Are your reps keeping up with the current demand? 


In times of chaos, we can either buy into the stress or be proactive about our systems and processes to ensure we forge onwards. 


The way forward


If you think your reps could be more efficient in helping our pharmacies meet the current demand, Inzant is here to help. 


Our easy to use iPad app is custom-built for wholesale reps and will streamline your team’s entire workflow. 


The software handles online ordering, mobile sales and presentations, fulfilment and it even integrates with your accounting and finance systems to greatly reduce your paperwork. 


If you would like to learn more, feel free to reach out to us below. 


In the meantime, you can also click here for a free online demo - it’s a thirty-minute online meeting to walk you through the app and how it can work specifically in your business. Of course, there are no obligations. 


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